Sen. Dianne Feinstein is clearly too ill to continue to serve (“California’s Newsom faces tough question: Who would replace Feinstein?” web, May 23).

She does not know what she is doing (or even, apparently, that she has been absent). She can no longer effectively represent her constituents or uphold her oath of office.

The Founding Fathers wrote a magnificent document when they drafted the Constitution. Within it was language for amendments. They insisted upon the first 10 — which laid out essential freedoms — to get the Constitution ratified.

However, being men of their time, they did not anticipate that life expectancy would increase so greatly over the years. Hence, the Constitution established the minimum ages for election to Congress and the presidency but neither term nor age limits.  

The two-term presidential limit was established by policy and later formalized by the 22nd Amendment. Congressional representatives,  however, remain without such limits. Similarly, there is no provision for the removal of a member from office due to incapacity.

Another factor influencing the Founders was the fact that, at the time, public service was considered a civic duty rather than a lifelong occupation. Most who were elected to the presidency or Congress were wealthy farmers or businessmen who served a limited number of terms and then returned to their occupations.

Congress has no age or term limits and no provision for removal due to incapacity. The presidency has no age limits. As a result, the nation is In serious trouble. Changes must be made.


Silver Spring, Maryland

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