Wednesday, December 11, 2019


Just a few short days ago, America suffered another tragic mass shooting attack. This time it was at a Naval Air station in Pensacola, Florida. The shooter was Mohammed Alshamrani, a Saudi air force trainee who killed three sailors and may have taken many more had he not been stopped.

Sadly, what we’ve learned from shootings in America is that when one of this magnitude and above occurs, the left and their media friends rush to spin the story to make it fit their ongoing narrative that no one of the Muslim faith is an extremist or terrorist –- that it has to be something else.

In this instance, barely 24 hours had passed before the narrative of the shooting had become that Alshamrani was made fun of by his instructors. Was he mocked for his religion or faith? No. Was it a joke about his family or something incredibly personal to him? No. 

The big insult that the media are attempting to connect to a shooting spree is that of Alshamrani’s mustache. You see, he has a thick mustache that everyone in America would know if I described it, as his instructor did, as a “porn ‘stache.” 

Alshamrani apparently was upset by this nickname and filed a complaint — and the media are running with that being the reason he shot our troops in Pensacola. According to many in the media, the term “porn ‘stache” is suddenly “derogatory,” and so offensive that it would lead a totally peaceful, never-had-an-impure-thought-in-his-life man to want to kill as many people as possible. Just let that sink in.

As with any quality misleading narrative, you have to sprinkle in what appears to be the actual facts in articles and coverage with the porn ‘stache headline. In The Independent, for instance, it takes until the 15th paragraph before the journalist happens to mention that the shooter’s Twitter account has piles of anti-American statements and even quotes Osama bin Laden -– at one point he even claims the U.S. committed “crimes not only against Muslims but also humanity.” But, hey, forget that he could have been a radicalized Muslim, a meteorology professor called him “porn ‘stache.”

The problem with all of this is that we’re being given ridiculous spin when we have obvious answers. The left and their media friends’ narrative has been clear for years now. If a Christian commits the awful act, it’s because of their radicalized faith. If a Muslim does it, it’s clearly something else and has nothing to do with them being radicalized.

This “nickname incident” eerily reminds us of what happened in Fort Hood, Texas, in 2009. Then, a Muslim Army major went on a shooting spree killing 13 of our soldiers. In response, instead of calling it terrorism, the Obama administration labeled this “workplace violence.” Workplace violence, you know, like when someone loses their cool and throws a stapler at a colleague in an office setting. It wasn’t until months and years later that this was officially recognized as a terrorist attack.

I’m just curious as to why we would want to cover this up? Why downplay terrorism in America from Muslims? 

The answer, of course lies within politics. Think about how the narrative has played out since President Trump has been in office. The left and their media friends have labeled him the “big orange evil white man” who wants to suppress all minorities and women. Early in his term as president, he banned travel from multiple nations that were identified under the Obama administration as conduits for terrorists to enter the United States. Forget those two facts about Obama and terrorism though; the move was immediately labeled racist and a “Muslim Ban.”

From that point in 2016, what should be tragedies in America that unite us have each been used to divide us –- well, certain ones. If a terrorist act is committed by a white person who appears to be a Christian, that is held in the media limelight for weeks -– if it’s done by a Muslim or someone on the left, those facts are spun, buried and forgotten as quickly as possible. It’s a combination play to make minorities feel like they’re under constant threat in America by right-leaning white people and get them to vote for the left.

In reality, however, we’re all under constant threat of terror by terrorists – and terrorists come in all shapes, sizes, politics, colors and faiths. Terrorists make up their own insane reasons for what they do, whether it be what their prophet tells them or what their insane political logic makes them believe. In the end, all terrorism is bad – but worse, is the media spinning the tragedy for political gain.

• Tim Young is a political comedian and author of “I Hate Democrats/I Hate Republicans” (Post Hill Press).

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