Monday, March 6, 2017

We wrote recently over the significance of the Trump administration relaxing sanctions on Russian officials tied to the Russian security services, in a little publicized move a few weeks ago. The Kremlin takes care of its inner circle and the easing of sanctions on Mr. Putin’s palace guard was significant in our view. The only question was what Mr. Trump may have received in return.

It seems we know may have answer to that question — help with the North Korean situation.

On Monday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, “Of course, we are profoundly concerned. These actions lead to further escalation of tensions in the region. In this situation, Moscow traditionally calls on all parties to show restraint. Russia will exchange views with all parties concerned,” reports Russian state news agency TASS. Russia publically acknowledged it plans to discuss the North Korean situation with Japan.

Russia is a lifeline to the Stalinist regime of Kim Jong-un. They are currently providing fuel and expertise in transportation, services North Korea cannot do without, especially in light of China reducing imports to the hermit kingdom by half.

At a minimum, Trump may get help in the U.N. Security Council from Russia in dealing with the North Korean threat. Perhaps Russia could even give Kim Jong-un an offer he couldn’t refuse. This is exactly the type of cooperation with Russia Trump has been talking about since he began the campaign. Now we just have to see what happens.

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