Saturday, March 11, 2017

The regime of North Korean strongman Kim Jong-un tried to sell a specialized material used in the miniaturization process for nuclear warheads, according to U.N. weapons investigators, who are attempting to document the regime’s nuclear weapons program and activities.

North Korean agents tried to sell a form of lithium metal to unnamed international buyers last year, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal.

“The U.N. Panel of Expert’s report on North Korea provides further evidence that North Korea will stop at nothing to advance its illicit nuclear and missile programs,” said Sen. Cory Gardner, Colorado Republican, who has been instrumental in attempting to highlight Pyongyang’s nuclear proliferation.

Experts believe the fact that North Korea is producing Lithium-6 is proof they are attempting to miniaturize nuclear warheads to place on the ICBMs they have been testing repeatedly over recent months.

“Lithium-6 is ideal, not only for making tritium for boosting fission devices, but also for directly fueling advanced weapons—including thermonuclear bombs,” said Henry Sokolski, a former Pentagon official who heads the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center, a Washington think tank, reported Fox News.

The Trump administration has recently deployed the THAAD missile-defense system to protect South Korea and U.S. forces in theater from a North Korean missile attack. This has angered the Chinese who are now threatening the U.S. with a first strike nuclear attack to neutralize the system.

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