Monday, April 17, 2017

As tensions rise over the North Korean nuclear program and its aggressive behavior toward the United States and its allies, the leader of the communist regime, Kim Jong-un, is not even talking to his long-term benefactor, China. This may be the reason that President Trump and Chinese President Xi got along so famously with each other at their meeting a Mar-a-Lago recently in Florida, and maybe one reason why China seems to be working with Mr. Trump to dampen the North Korean threat.

China has made recent requests for its diplomatic officials to meet with their counterparts in the North, including the Chinese foreign minister; however, these requests were denied. In addition, China’s special envoy for the North Korean nuclear issue, Wu Dawei, was also refused a response to his meeting request, reported Bloomberg, naming an unidentified source.

In the last few weeks, China has refused coal shipments from North Korea and has made public comments regarding its unhappiness with Kim Jong-un’s policies. President Trump has said he would like China to deal with the issue but if they cannot or will not, America ‘will take care of the problem.

President Trump and President Xi have also made public their many recent phone conversations which they described as fruitful and that progress was made. In all likelihood, it seems that the hermit leader of the North cannot back down as the personal consequence for losing power is most likely death.

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