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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Experts believe the biggest wave ever surfed may now belong to British surfer Andrew Cotton. After conquering what many believe was a 78-80 foot wave in Nazare, Portugal, on Sunday, photographic evidence now heads to a judging committee at Billabong; a decision on a short list of nominees will be made in May.

“I’ve never ridden a wave like that,” said Mr. Cotton, the Daily Mail reported. “I was hurtling down it so fast, but I couldn’t get near the bottom. … It was pushing me up all the time. … It makes you wonder how far we can push it, how high can you go? … It was scary. But you’re always in the hands of mother nature and that’s what’s exciting.”

After having spent four hours in dangerous conditions, the surfer finally found a wave he might have a chance at. With the help of a jet ski he was towed up the massive wave, at which point he began his decent.

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“I am so lucky to be able to do this,” said Mr. Cotton, who supports his two children as a part-time pro surfer, plumber and lifeguard. “It’s not like skiing — if you find the biggest mountain, that’s it. Waves are always changing and surfers can never know what’s coming.”

The surfer is now working on a documentary with Epic TV on the waves of Nazare, the Daily Mail reported.

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