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** FILE ** The American flag flies above the U.S. Capitol. (AP Photo)

70 percent of Americans say U.S. has lost world respect; 80 percent of GOP, 56 percent of Democrats agree

It's complicated: The public is weary of the U.S. role as the world's policeman, but it also frets about the nation's declining prestige on the global stage and disapproves of both President's foreign policy practices and any attempts at nation building overseas. Yet Americans approve of aggressive participation in the world economy and favor drones in the military arsenal.

A poll says contemporary voters may pine for what would have been: Here's Mitt Romney's "transition" White House website, which disappeared when he lost the 2012 election to President Obama. (Romney Readiness Project)

"Miss me yet?' Renewed voter interest shows the phrase now applies to Mitt Romney

"Smaller, simpler, smarter. Believe in America." That was the official motto of "Office of the President-Elect," a website launched by Mitt Romney's campaign in late October 2012. It was publicly visible for a time, but quickly deactivated after Mr. Romney lost the election. Now the public appears to have had a Romney renaissance of sorts. They just might miss him, or the president he could have been.

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