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Purdue Pharma L.P., is a privately-held pharmaceutical company founded by physicians and now located in Stamford, Connecticut. In its early years, Purdue was known for its antiseptic product, Betadine Solution, and its Senokot laxatives. Today, it is best known for its pain-treatment products, MS Contin Tablets and OxyContin Tablets, but it has also branched into other areas such as oncology and nutraceuticals. - Source: Wikipedia

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Purdue said it would stop giving money to the Democratic and Republican attorney general associations, and both of those groups agreed to return contributions made since late last year.

Lawyers seek to halt Purdue Pharma political contributions →

Purdue Pharma has declared bankruptcy since the lawsuit was filed and claims against the company are being pursued in backruptcy court, according to the news release.

Tennessee Supreme Court lets opioids case move forward →

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