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"It is a friendly subpoena and that should not surprise your viewers. This particular special counsel, Bob Mueller, has been friendly to the cause from day one. What I find so disheartening is that Bob Mueller said it all, 445 pages, that is all I'm going to say and what has he been doing? He's been courted by the other side so they can harass the president and keep all this narrative but honestly, there is nothing there," he said.

Mark Meadows: Robert Mueller 'better be prepared' for House hearing; Americans will 'see the flaws' →

"But as you pointed out, not an awful lot of people got through the 500 pages. There is a virtue on that. You're being pretty tough on Bob Mueller here. I do not blame him for not wanting to join the partisan fray. But you know this man. He's a patriot. Will he do what he's asked to do?" he said.

Jim Himes: Robert Mueller 'will get subpoenaed' to discuss his report →

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