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New York Democrats normally invest all of their energies into destroying America’s largest city. They have successfully sparked a mass migration of residents to any place that is not run by New York Democrats. 

Now New York Democrats have a new mission: getting Donald Trump reelected president.

As crime spirals out of control and Wall Street crooks walk away with yet another massive bailout orchestrated by Democratic politicians, Democratic prosecutors in New York are obsessed with the former president. That, and “drag queen story hour” for children.

New York Attorney General Letitia James and other Democrats hosted such an event for children over the weekend at a New York City public library.

“My office is proud to host a Drag Story Hour read-a-thon,” Ms. James squealed on Instagram. “We’re inviting families to join us at the @lgbtcenternyc with @dragstoryhour, drag storytellers, community leaders and elected officials.”

No wonder New York boasts the second-highest adult illiteracy rate in the country.

Now comes Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, another Democrat, whose open embrace of criminals and the violent crimes they commit has ushered in one of the most dramatic spikes in homicides, robberies and other lawlessness New York has ever seen. 

Mr. Bragg is also committed, apparently, to getting Mr. Trump back into the White House.

Mr. Trump announced over the weekend that he expects to be arrested by Mr. Bragg later this week on fairly bizarre charges that he paid $130,000 in hush money to porn actress Stormy Daniels during the 2016 election cycle. Hilariously, Mr. Bragg and his crack team of Democrat prosecutors claim that the payment was a violation of federal campaign finance laws.

If you thought two failed impeachment trials over Democrats’ lurid fantasies about hookers urinating on a hotel room bed in Moscow were a waste of time and money, you just wait.

The biggest obstacle for Mr. Trump’s reelection efforts — both in 2020 and today — is that as a sitting president or a former president, Mr. Trump loses his most wonderfully effective and appealing persona: that of the marauding Barbarian at the Gate.

Mr. Trump got elected in 2016 because he promised to crash the system from the outside. Sure, he knew how the system worked on the inside. But he was not an insider. In fact, he knew just enough to reveal how corrupt Washington really was.

When Democrat politicians — and Republicans! — screamed like weenies in a campfire about how vulgar and dangerous and unpresidential Mr. Trump was, voters loved him even more. It is a testament to how much the innocent American citizen despises Washington and all the swamp lizards who infest the place.

Oh, Mr. Trump is a bastard, you say? Said the voters: Great! And if you can find a bigger bastard, we will send him to Washington, too!

This is why Democrats, many Washington Republicans, the deep state and the sleazy media all conspired to stop Mr. Trump. They made up lies, they pinned the China virus on him, they changed all the voting rules, and they shredded the First Amendment to protect Mr. Trump’s opponents.

In short, they stole the 2020 election.

Today, Mr. Trump’s biggest challenge is reclaiming his outsider status as a destructive marauder even though he technically served four years in the White House. (I would argue that he and his supporters were denied his first term because of all the ways Washington set about destroying him even before his first inauguration.)

Well, the best way to make sure Mr. Trump resumes the mantle of outside marauder charging the gates would be to arrest him on blatantly partisan, manufactured political charges.



If indeed, Mr. Trump is arrested, voters will protest. At the ballot box. Next year.

Godspeed, Mr. Bragg. Thank you for your service.

• Charles Hurt is the opinion editor at The Washington Times. 

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