Once again I have been offended by the Times’ treatment of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, nicknamed the Mormons (“Jews popular in U.S. despite increase in antisemitic attacks,” Web, March 15). As a fourth-generation member, I still can not understand why we are so misunderstood. Could it be for lack of research?

The Times is correct that self-approval in the LDS Church is high and that the LDS have favorable views of other religious groups (I often wonder why other religions do not practice Christ’s “love others” directive).

The article mentions that the “Mormons” wanted to build their own nations. That is partly true. They were under an extermination order by Gov. Boggs of Missouri. They remain the only religious group that has been driven out of the U.S. for their religious beliefs. They wanted the freedom to worship as they saw fit, so they fled to Utah which was, at the time, part of the Mexican Territory.

As new converts arrived, Brigham Young sent them to over 300 locations in Canada, Idaho, Utah, Arizona and southern California. Currently the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has over 17 million members worldwide.

In 2021 church members donated over $900 million to humanitarian efforts in 188 countries. LDS members also possess the largest collection of genealogy records available to anyone.

Yes, I am proud be a life-long member of the church and I give thanks for my ancestors who, before the railroad, walked from Omaha to Salt Lake City because of their religious beliefs.

I suggest the Times does some research the next time it it considering badmouthing us.

Oakton, Virginia 

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