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Thursday, March 16, 2023


The former secretary-general of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, said if Donald Trump won the Republican primary for president, and then actually went on to win a second term in the White House, the world would erupt, chaos would ensue, and all would suffer a “geopolitical catastrophe,” particularly because of the likely halt of American funding for Ukraine that would come.

This is probably the best endorsement yet for Trump.

Vote Trump; incur the disapproval of globalists: Is there any better reason, therefore, to vote Trump?

“I call it a geopolitical catastrophe if Trump were to be nominated because in the [Russia-Ukraine] campaign, his influence would be destructive,” and America’s financial support for Ukraine would stand on shaky ground, Rasmussen said, The Hill reported.

That’s music to MAGA ears.

Whenever any globalist pinhead whines about Trump, about the dangers of Trump, about the perils of a second Trump presidency, all the good patriots in America should realize: This is exactly why Trump needs to win the White House once again. Great Reset, be gone. One World Order, get bent. America first — it’s America always first. Hasn’t America already put enough money into a war that’s not even a declared American war? Proxy wars, by definition, are insidious, devilish affairs. They come absent clear boundaries, clarified exit strategies, definitive wins versus losses. They also represent huge burdens to taxpayers, who are largely left in the dark about the justifications for their many, many, many dimes.

America, according to recent Council on Foreign Relations’ tabulations, spent a total of $76.8 billion on Ukraine between Jan. 24, 2022, and Jan. 15, 2023 — and those are only the amounts that can be tracked through specific, open and transparent congressional appropriations. In other words: That’s the lowball.

The breakdown of what’s known goes like this: About $3.9 billion for humanitarian aid — food, health care, refugee support; about $26.4 billion in loans, funds and other cash-type assistance — where’s the accountability on where this money goes? — and roughly $18.3 billion for security measures — weapons, equipment, training and the like. Then there’s another $23.5 billion in a separate weapons and equipment category from the Defense Department. Then there’s another $4.7 billion in grants and loans for even more weapons and equipment.

America has become Ukraine’s best friend.

Bestest of best friends, actually — even better friends than Israel.

“Ukraine Towers Over Other Recipients of U.S. Military Aid,” CFR wrote, citing the total $46.6 billion that’s been sent to Ukraine versus the $3.3 billion that was sent to Israel, the second highest of U.S. military aid recipients, in 2020.


What are we getting in return?

Umm. Bragging rights, perhaps. The United States, on aid to Ukraine, takes the global cake. America’s $76.8 billion is followed by all European Union institutions’ contributions of roughly $32 billion. That’s followed by the United Kingdom, with around $9 billion and then Germany, about $7.5 billion, give or take. America sure is charitable, ain’t she?

No wonder East Palestine, Ohio, train derailment victims only get a few federal scraps. All the money is going to Ukraine.

A Trump presidency would do things a bit differently.

In recent remarks, Trump said peace between Ukraine and Russia “can be negotiated within 24 hours” and that “there are things you can say to them, which I won’t reveal now, which will guarantee that this war will end immediately.”

Could he do it? Could Trump really accomplish such a peace-brokering feat?

Maybe. Maybe not. Probably. But the bigger item to chew is the response of the media and the globalists to Trump’s claim of being able to broker such a deal. Trump says peace, and the globalists go — crisis! Isn’t that odd?

“Former NATO Chief: Trump Could Sabotage the War,” Politico wrote in a headline.

“The two biggest 2024 Republican names would mean bad news for Ukraine,” CNN wrote in another headline, about Trump and talked-about White House contender Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has similarly questioned America’s open purse to Ukraine.

“Trump mocked after revealing his plan to end Ukraine war,” The Independent wrote in yet another headline. 

So much for the saying give peace a chance.

Globalists, leftists and the mainstream media hate Trump so much they would actually prefer to keep alive a costly war than see him reelected. That’s Trump derangement syndrome on steroids.

As for those in America debating which Republican should win the primary and ultimately the White House in 2024, consider this: Trump is the one with the proven record of taking on the globalist forces — and winning. Others in the GOP he faces, or could face, are wannabes, at best, at this point.

When election time comes and campaign platforms and promises flow fast and furious, conservatives should think Great Reset — and vote for the candidate that drives the Great Reset crowd the battiest. Clearly, it’s Trump.

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