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Monday, March 13, 2023


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has revealed in a new statement that since Aug. 21, nearly 11,000 migrants have been repatriated to their home countries after attempting to enter the state illegally.

“That’s a rate of 54 people — or roughly one Martha’s Vineyard flight — a day. Florida has deported enough illegal migrants in the last six months to fill more than half the seats in the Miami-Dade Arena,” wrote Jesse Schectner, a reporter for FloridaPolitics.com — in reaction.

Mr. DeSantis remains vigilant.

“As President Biden’s border crisis continues unabated, my administration is working hard to protect our communities and businesses from the many threats posed by illegal immigration,” he said in a statement.

“Because of our action, we have seen a drop in the number of vessels and people able to make a landing in the Florida Keys, and our continued presence serves as a deterrent for illegal immigration,” the Republican governor noted.


Welcome to Part 2 of a Republican National Committee analysis of President Biden’s $6.9 trillion budget. The committee has released a hefty, comprehensive study of the actual content of the budget. Here’s some more insight from the GOP researchers.

“Completely missing from Biden’s budget is his plan for Social Security. Biden brands himself as being a defender of seniors, yet not one penny of Biden’s historic tax hike would go towards averting Social Security’s scheduled insolvency in a decade,” the written report stated.

“By refusing to offer reforms, Biden is proposing to let the program go bankrupt and automatically cut benefits by 20%. Biden insists he does not want middle-class taxes to go up, but he has no plan to extend the 2017 Republican tax cuts in his budget,” it noted.

The committee’s report included an independent policy group noting the absence of another major fiscal issue.

“The Biden budget pays lip service to continuing at least some of the individual income tax cuts included in the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) that will expire after 2025, but offers no concrete proposal for doing so. As such, the cost of TCJA extensions is not factored into the budget. Nor is the cost of continuing the one-year expansion of the CTC. Together, such extensions would likely offset the projected deficit reductions,” according to the Tax Foundation, an independent policy research organization.

Look for a third GOP budget highlight in the next Inside the Beltway column, and thanks for reading.


The American Red Cross is offering maps and guides for migrants to travel to the U.S.-Mexico border, according to documents exclusively obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

“The map, which is part of a packet stamped with the International Committee of the Red Cross and American Red Cross logos, shows a list of resources, including hotels, clinics and shelters where migrants can get support in Mexico and Central America. The maps include clearly defined lines leading to cities along the U.S. border. The organization also has a guide to ‘self care’ along the journey, which includes tips on how to survive the desert and disease, how to safely jump on trains, and how to obtain contraceptives,” the report said.

“The U.S. government tasks the American Red Cross, whose logo is on the guide for migrants south of the border, with allocating millions of dollars in taxpayer funds to support illegal migrants released into the country,” it noted.

The International Committee of the Red Cross defended the map.

“We aim to help prevent and mitigate the humanitarian consequences that migration can bring — including separation and loss of family contacts, disappearances, serious medical issues and even death. Our approach to migrants is strictly humanitarian,” a spokesperson told Jennie Taer, an investigative reporter for the foundation.


Easter is just over three weeks away — and one animal rights group is hoping the White House is prepared for it in a specific way. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has sent a letter to first lady Jill Biden with its request.

“I’m writing on behalf of PETA, the world’s largest animal rights organization, with more than 5 million members and supporters in the U.S., to respectfully urge you not to allow the use of real chicken eggs for the White House Easter Egg Roll but to choose instead reusable plastic or wooden eggs — or even lovely painted rocks or egg-shaped balls — all of which would last for years to come,” wrote Ingrid Newkirk, president of the organization.

“Chickens are smart, sensitive animals who feel pain and empathy; have distinct personalities; and at just a few days old, can count and perform basic addition and subtraction. Mother hens communicate with their chicks while they’re still inside the shell so that they recognize her call when they hatch. Children, who have natural empathy for animals, would be saddened to learn that the eggs at this family event came from mothers who spent their entire lives in cages smaller than a letter-sized sheet of paper, unable to lift a single wing, and were taken from her as soon as they were laid,” Ms. Newkirk advised.

“We hope you’ll agree that while families are shelling out nearly 70% more for eggs amid the deadliest avian flu outbreak on record, now is a hopping good time to hatch an Easter tradition that is kind and doesn’t prop up the cruel egg industry. We wish you and your family a very happy Easter and look forward to hearing from you,“ she said in closing.


• 56% of U.S. adults agree that the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine is a “critical threat” to the U.S.; 62% of Republicans, 51% of independents and 58% of Democrats agree.

• 59% of women and 55% of men also agree.

• 36% overall say the conflict is “important but not a critical threat” to the U.S.; 29% of Republicans, 40% of independents and 37% of Democrats agree.

• 35% of women and 34% of men also agree.

• 8% overall say the conflict is “not an important threat at all”; 9% of Republicans, 8% of independents and 5% of Democrats agree.

• 5% of women and 11% of men also agree.

SOURCE: A Gallup poll of 1,008 U.S. adults conducted Feb. 1-23 and released Monday.

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