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Tuesday, January 3, 2023


Sounds like this pathological liar from New York who got elected to the House of Representatives is a real nut job — a perfect fit for Congress. Maybe he could be the next speaker.

The good news is that when the movie is made about the life of George Santos, Mr. Santos will be played by Jon Lovitz, who made frequent appearances as Tommy Flanagan from Pathological Liars Anonymous on “Saturday Night Live” a few decades ago.

“Yeah, that’s the ticket! I’m Jew-ish!”

In this marvelous modern era, when anyone can shave, pop a few pills, steal some luggage and be “Woman of the Year,” why can’t a guy named Santos run for public office as a Jew?

What’s really astonishing about this whole story is all the sudden gasping and hyperventilating from the political press about a sleazeball getting elected to public office after lying about his resume, life experiences, accomplishments, family history and even his religion. I mean, who ever heard of such a thing?

But before we get to President Biden, we should discuss the epic failure of the political press before Mr. Santos was elected. What were they doing while Mr. Santos was spinning obviously ridiculous yarns and peddling easily provable lies during his successful campaign?

Well, as usual, they were enthralled with something else — specifically, Mr. Santos’ historic gayness. 

“For the first time in U.S. history, two openly gay candidates are facing off in a general election for Congress,” CBS New York breathlessly reported back in September.

“As CBS2’s John Dias reports, the candidates are far from the same person,” according to the report.

Now, how is that for some hard-hitting shoe-leather reporting? I mean, I defy you to read every word of Watergate coverage from Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein and find a single line where they establish that President Richard Nixon and G. Gordon Liddy are not, in fact, the same person.

But CBS2’s John Dias was not finished with just that blockbuster revelation.

“Mainstream Democrat Robert Zimmerman and conservative Republican George Santos are polar opposites,” Mr. Dias reported. “One of the only things they may have in common is that they’re both gay.”

Well, there you have it. Mission accomplished. We have landed in Utopia. Isn’t this just grand! Let them both be “Woman of the Year”!

“Growing up, I never dreamed we would have a member of the LGBTQ-plus community representing Long Island or Queens in Congress,” Mr. Zimmerman told Mr. Dias.

“It just shows this country is an equal opportunity for everyone,” agreed Mr. Santos.

Looking back, there might have been some signs that Mr. Santos deserved scrutiny beyond the bedroom — such as former President Donald Trump’s refusal to endorse Mr. Santos.

During the campaign, Mr. Santos was an enthusiastic admirer of Mr. Trump, especially the former president’s performance at the “Stop the Steal” rally-turned-riot on Jan. 6, which Mr. Santos attended.

“That was the most amazing crowd, and the president was at his full awesomeness that day,” Mr. Santos squealed to Mr. Dias.

In addition to making history by being the first openly gay person to run against another openly gay person in a race for the House of Representatives, Mr. Santos also made history by being the first person to love Mr. Trump that much yet not earn his endorsement.

In the reporting world, we call that sort of thing “a clue.” Or “a lead.” You know that maybe something just isn’t right. Worth asking some more questions.

Well, for further questions, Mr. Dias turned to a “strategic communication” expert named David Belsky to suss out what might be wrong with Mr. Santos. But the problem Mr. Belsky discovered was not Mr. Santos’ orgiastic lies.

The real problem with Mr. Santos was that he was an open, unapologetic, out-of-the-closet — Republican!

“Definitely takes a lot of guts to be an LGBT man in the Republican Party,” Mr. Belsky explained to Mr. Dias about Mr. Santos running against Mr. Zimmerman.

“But I would say it takes even more guts to be an LGBT man in the Republican Party to stand up to other people in the party that are making the decisions that hurt others in your community.”

Well, there you have it. That is the problem with Mr. Santos.

If he were a Democrat, he could be president of the United States.

• Charles Hurt is the opinion editor at The Washington Times.

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