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Monday, January 16, 2023


He is such a cheapskate that he won’t even give his own daughter her family name.

Deadbeat first son Hunter Biden is back in court again doing what Biden men do: self-dealing and destroying the lives of their children.

As if being born a Biden weren’t bad enough. Now the younger Biden has petitioned a judge to block his 4-year-old daughter from using Biden as her last name. The recovering sex junkie claims, according to the New York Post, that the family name is a lightning rod for criticism and would rob the child of a “peaceful existence.”

Such gallantry. So chivalrous. What a great dad.

Trust me, the problem with you people isn’t your last name. It’s not even the hookers and coke benders and perpetual self-adulation — such as constantly filming yourself doing coke with hookers. It’s the lying, sleaze and corruption that you carry out in your public lives.

This crackhead is literally better at dental hygiene than he is at fatherhood.

Sudden concern about the child’s “peaceful existence” from the same dirtbag who had to be dragged to court and forced to provide his DNA sample before he would even acknowledge that the child was his daughter. And then dragged back to court to force him to pay for her basic needs.

I get it. These people are sickos at every level. If Hunter Biden is any evidence, President Biden is a disastrous father, too. The president is a political pimp who pushes his son out onto the street to turn political influence tricks. Just bring back 10% for “the Big Guy.”

Perhaps Hunter should just be grateful that his father didn’t shower with him — as far as we know.

Nothing these sleazeballs do is ever in the interest of anyone but themselves. That’s the main reason you know that Hunter Biden doesn’t actually care about the “peaceful existence” of the child he ignores.

The whole reason he is back in court now is to chisel down how much the courts are forcing him to pay for his daughter. As part of the proceeding, the girl’s mother, Lunden Roberts, asked the judge to allow her daughter to use her father’s last name. She argued that it would help the child because the name is “now synonymous with being well educated, successful, financially acute and politically powerful.”

Now, a reasonable person might dispute the wisdom of saddling a 4-year-old child with a name that has been so thoroughly ruined by a family of lying, self-dealing dirtbags. And it’s hard to say how “educated” the Bidens are — though the first lady is a “doctor” of something or other. So she tells everybody.

But it is demonstrably true that the Bidens have proved themselves “successful, financially acute and politically powerful.” At least in terms of leveraging Mr. Biden’s lifelong political career into a family corruption cartel.

Now Mr. Biden claims in court that he must further deprive his daughter due to a “substantial material change” in his own “financial circumstances” now that he has been caught selling access and his own last name to shady oligarchs and major companies in Ukraine and China — among many other places.

Talk about murdering your parents and then begging for mercy because you are an orphan.

No wonder President Biden says his sleazy cheapskate junkie son is the “smartest person” he knows. 

It should also always be noted that just as Hunter Biden is a deadbeat dad, President Biden is a deadbeat granddad. Can you imagine having a 4-year-old granddaughter whom you refuse to acknowledge?

Then again, maybe that is a blessing for the child — given Mr. Biden’s predilections when it comes to young girls. But at the very least, the Biden family should be paying for her to be raised by decent people. 

Maybe Ms. Roberts should hire a Ukrainian oligarch or a Chinese escort to make sure the Little Girl gets the same cut as “the Big Guy.”

• Charles Hurt is the opinion editor at The Washington Times.

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