Freedom of speech is doing its job. At the president’s State of the Union speech, GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, outraged at his false claim that Republicans plan entitlement cuts, erupted. Amid a raucous exchange, like debates in the U.K.’s House of Commons, she shouted “Liar.” (“GOP hecklers defend calling Biden a ‘liar’ during his State of the Union address,” Web, Feb. 8.)

By design, our freedom of speech protects not only contrary views, but untruthful ones as well. That, of course, is scrupulous and just. Moreover, it serves a practical purpose. When the president highlighted this woke talking point, he alerted us that he may plan entitlement cuts himself, relying on lap-dog media to blame the GOP and “prove” his accusation correct.

It was deja vu projection all over again. That left-wing scam used to fool us. Not anymore.


Irvington, Virginia

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