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Thursday, February 2, 2023


Donald Trump was American Caesar. Joe Biden: America’s Caligula.

A populist, authoritarian champion of the laboring classes, Julius Caesar, was despised by Roman elites and was eventually assassinated by scheming dishonest senators in the very swamp of Rome because he threatened their authority.

The reign of Caligula, credibly accused of incest and widely believed to be insane, was marked by monstrous and opulent spending, self-defeating military excursions and sexual debauchery that led to the collapse of the Roman Empire.

Or, as outgoing Chief of Staff Ron Klain serenaded from the White House this week: “I learned everything I know about how to be a good father from Joe Biden. He’s the best father and role model I know.”

Yikes. Mr. Klain broke into heaves of blubbering as he said this.

Serious question: If the next zombie apocalypse wiped out every last babysitter and foster parent on the planet, and you needed to leave your children with someone for the weekend, would you leave them with Mr. Biden or Charles Manson?

Yeah, me too.

Of all the things for Mr. Klain to start blubbering about as he jumps off the sinking ship like a plague-infected rat. Evercalculating, these people realize that Mr. Biden’s great weakness — if Mr. Klain and others in Bidenworld want to keep the gravy train rolling — is that the entire Biden clan is a deeply corrupt and morally despicable creature of Washington.

Indeed, the Bidens are the most corrupt political family to occupy the White House in a century. They are also a family of sickos who refuse to accept their own blood daughter and granddaughter — because that inconvenient child threatens their corrupt gravy train.

When Mr. Biden first joined the Senate over 50 years ago, he was an impoverished public servant, according to his own telling. He was a single father. He married a school teacher.

Today, he is a millionaire many times over. On a government salary. And a teacher’s salary.

The aerial footage of his various homes as the FBI raids them in search of national security documents is the perfect montage of Mr. Biden’s entire political career. How many Americans working a lifetime on a government salary and teachers’ pay live like the Bidens?

Perhaps the most powerful argument for President Donald Trump in 2016 is that he was un-buyable. Everyone knew he was a billionaire. He owned skyscrapers and made billion-dollar deals. He had his own Boeing 757 with his name painted down the side.

Mr. Trump wasn’t in it for the money. And, in fact, after he got elected president, he donated his salary every year to the National Park Service, Veterans Affairs, Homeland Security and even Health and Human Services during the fight against COVID-19.

Does anybody actually believe that the Bidens are in it for anything other than the money? Yes, power. But only because the power brings them more money.

The devastating and overwhelming evidence of Biden corruption — which the FBI has purposely ignored since 2019 — shows Hunter Biden selling American political access to corrupt adversaries in Ukraine, China and around the world. Further evidence suggests that Hunter Biden may also have been committing espionage by stealing national secrets — with help from his father — and selling those secrets to our enemies.

People go to jail for the rest of their lives for this sort of betrayal — and worse.

And perhaps, worst of all, the evidence is mounting that the entire purposed of Mr. Biden’s administration has been to sell out America’s interests in exchange for the interests of other corrupt governments — for a hefty fee, of course. To Hunter Biden. And “The Big Guy.”

Let’s just hope they don’t make a movie out of it using footage from Hunter Biden’s laptop.

• Charles Hurt is the opinion editor at The Washington Times. 

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