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Monday, September 26, 2022


The country is melting down under the flames of historic inflation, rampaging crime, record gas prices, an unprecedented invasion at the border and a growing threat of nuclear war. 

And all President Joe Biden and Democrats want to talk about on the campaign trail these days is “abortion rights.” As if the real problem people are having filling their gas tanks, feeding their families and keeping their children from being murdered on the way to school is that there isn’t enough abortion in America today.

Actually, come to think of it, that probably really is the way these people think. If only more babies were aborted, then there would be fewer people committing crimes and less competition for dwindling supplies of gas and food. Also, there would be fewer victims — if only they had been murdered before they were born.

Similarly, the real border crisis is that there simply aren’t enough babies being aborted in Mexico. Otherwise, you know, they would not be overflowing their border.

These people really are sick and miserable. No wonder they are always so bitter and angry about everything. No wonder President Biden and Hillary Clinton hate half the country.

On the campaign trail, the political media obediently follows Democrat instructions.

Republican candidates offer a dazzling campaign to stop criminals, lower gas prices, halt the border invasion and control inflation. Crowds cheer. Yet all the political press asks about is why Republicans do not support ninth-month abortion.

It’s almost like the media is the enemy of the people.

Exhaustive polling, of course, reveals that the vast majority of normal Americans are mostly concerned about crime and the economy. But all Democrats — and the media — want to talk about is abortion.

The important thing about crime and the economy is that you don’t need a poll to tell you it costs $90 to fill up your car. You don’t need a politician to tell you that you are unsafe in your own neighborhood.

And it doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist to know that these grave problems are the direct results of the policies enacted by President Biden and Democrat politicians.

So Democrats do what they always do. They lie. They make up issues. They order the media to obsess over some new made-up issue. They do all they can to distract from their record on the actual issues that matter to actual American citizens.

Today, the world is their resume. Democrats ruin everything they touch.

They turn every American city into Calcutta. They are the reverse Mother Theresa. Everywhere they go they destroy lives, turn city streets into sewers and leave misery in the wake of all their false promises.

Instead of the “Midas Touch” that turns everything into gold, they have the “Biden Touch” that turns everything into foul, cancerous rot.

The latest example is the new drug craze sweeping Democrat strongholds like Philadelphia, Michigan and Mr. Biden’s home state of Delaware. 

Xylazine is a flesh-eating animal tranquilizer known on the streets as “tranq.” According to new reports, 91 percent of Philadelphia’s heroine and fentanyl supplies are spiked with the horse tranquilizer.

Apparently, the Biden Administration’s program to release all the drug dealers and hand out free crack pipes and heroine spoons has failed to curb the drug problem.

Remember when Democrats made fun of people for using “horse dewormer” to combat COVID-19? This is their answer. Horse tranquilizer.

“This is more like tissue death. This is black, necrotic tissue destruction,” one researcher told the Detroit Free Press.

“And the necrotic tissue doesn’t necessarily develop at the site where the drug was injected. There is evidence it can appear anywhere on the body.”

In Philadelphia, Democrats have hired a wound-care specialist and a field nurse to help manage the misery.

Indeed, the Biden Touch.

• Charles Hurt is the opinion editor of the Washington Times. 

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