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Monday, September 19, 2022


The only problem with those illegal aliens dumped on Martha’s Vineyard? They weren’t housekeepers and yard workers.

If they had come bearing buckets and rakes, they would have been welcomed with open arms. Heck, even the Obamas would have let them into their sprawling, gated, beachfront mansion — if only they had come ready to work instead of arriving with expectations to enjoy the fruits of freedom in America.

Instead, the deeply racist — and almost exclusively White and Democrat — residents of Martha’s Vineyard deployed the military, rounded up all the illegals, put them in cages and then trafficked them off to be someone else’s problem.

So much for the hope and beauty of illegal immigration these people have preached to us about for years. 

Who knew? Turns out they are all liars. And racist liars at that.

One crucial lesson Donald Trump taught the political world is that the only way to get anything done around here is to be a bit of a showman. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is among a small handful of Republican politicians to learn that lesson.

Also, you have to have serious guts.

Mr. DeSantis demonstrated both when he ordered that plane to fly a load of President Biden’s illegal aliens out of his state and drop them off on Martha’s Vineyard.

At first glance, the ploy is a cynical stunt responding to a gravely serious problem. Much like when Texas Gov. Greg Abbott began shuttling illegal aliens into the “sanctuary cities” of Washington, D.C., and New York City, the stunt sounded a little too cute by half.

Sure, it makes a dramatic point. But for the large majority of Americans who take the matter of illegal immigration seriously, such stunts do not solve the problem. 

Even worse, it seems to make a mockery of a deadly serious issue. After all, Mr. Biden is single-handedly responsible for all the girls being raped on the dangerous trek to his open border. Mr. Biden alone is responsible for inviting all the misery that tears families apart, gets migrants killed and destroys the sovereignty of his own country.

Rape, murder and mayhem. Also, human smuggling, drug-runners and warlords.

Mr. Biden has single-handedly brought more slavery to America than anyone since the King’s ships quit the slave trade 200 years ago.

So while sending a planeload of illegals from Florida to Martha’s Vineyard did not solve the problem, it sure did expose the problem in ways we have never seen before. More importantly, it laid bare the callous dishonesty of Mr. Biden, Democrat politicians and many of the voters who support Mr. Biden and the destructive policies of the Democrat Party.

Now Democrats accuse Mr. DeSantis of playing games with illegal immigration. Really? You mean like inviting millions of illegals to illegally cross our borders as indentured voters to your party? Or the time Rep. Alexandra Ocasio Cortez went to the border and — because she doesn’t actually speak Spanish — announced that illegals were drinking out of toilets?

Now they accuse Mr. DeSantis of “human smuggling” for flying the grateful illegals to Martha’s Vineyard. You mean just as Mr. Biden has been doing for nearly two years now, secretly flying illegals all over the country and depositing them in neighborhoods where citizens don’t have the wealth and influence to call in the military?

This whole gambit might have been a stunt, but it sure smoked out the truth about these people. The pale, island residents of Martha’s Vineyard were forced to confront a tiny shred of the monstrous problem that the people of Texas, Arizona and Florida face every day. 

They crumpled under the weight of 50 illegals. In one of the wealthiest towns in America. Imagine 50 times 50, for 50 days straight, in a town where people spend a year to make as much money as the people of Martha’s Vineyard make in a day.

Then and only then do you get a taste of what Mr. Biden’s policies do to the hardworking people of America and how Democrats’ murderous visions lay waste to the border towns of America.

• Charles Hurt is the opinion editor at The Washington Times.

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