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Thursday, October 20, 2022


Whatever you do, don’t say the Wuhan virus was made in a lab by the hands of man. The Chinese communists, World Health Organization and Dr. Anthony Fauci get wildly upset if anyone mentions it or asks questions about it.

One thing we can all agree upon, however, is that this new global pandemic — this financial pandemic — is entirely man-made. It was man-made by President Biden and his Democrats in their Laboratory of Terrible Ideas in Washington.

Welcome to the “Buzzkill” Biden Financial Pandemic. The Democrat’s Globalist Pandemic.

Kill American energy independence. Print reams of new money. Plunge the country further into debt. Throw open prison doors for violent criminals to roam free.

Quite the nasty recipe for the coming elections.

For months, the American political press spun lies, insisting that what was actually forming out there was a giant “blue” wave that was going to wash away the last remnants of orange and red politicians in Washington. It was such an obviously intentional lie that even they could not keep telling it.

Eventually, they quit trying. They tried to ignore the coming storm surge. They refused to acknowledge the clearly forming Red Wave.

But now, even silence is no longer tenable. They begrudgingly acknowledge — three weeks before Election Day — that their beloved Democrat masters in Washington are actually in for the drubbing of a generation. 

Billionaire Democrat mouthpiece Jeff Bezos — owner of The Washington Post — warns people to “batten down the hatches” for the looming financial doom. This is from the guy who made billions and billions and billions during the last pandemic.

It’s so bad that even former President Barack Obama is warning of the approaching gloom — and the political price his Democrat Party is going to pay for it. In an interview last week he accused Mr. Biden and the Democrats of being a “buzzkill.”

Mr. Obama never did a thing to help anybody in his blessed political career — but he sure has always been good at pinning the blame on other people, even people that he himself hired.

But he has a point. Joe Biden is the biggest “buzzkill” since Jimmy Carter.

Inflation began spiking the instant Mr. Biden took office. Today, money-chewing inflation outstrips wages at rates we have not seen in four decades.

Mortgage rates have doubled just this year.

Mr. Biden’s unabashed war on American energy independence sparked much of the inflation. That inflation was supercharged by ridiculous and unmanageable spending even in a bill that Democrats absurdly and dishonestly called the Inflation Reduction Act.

On top of all this, innocent American taxpayers still have to fill up their cars and trucks at the gas station paying prices that are rising back to the historic levels set earlier this summer.

Literally, Mr. Biden broke the so-called misery index used by economists to determine how miserable life is under various political administrations.

Looking globally, things have gotten even worse. Mr. Biden’s assault on American energy independence spiked the price of oil and gas so much that even as it put Americans in the poorhouse, it enriched Russian President Vladimir Putin to the point that he could afford to invade Ukraine. Now he is threatening nuclear war.

And doddering old Joe Biden is talking smack back.

Europeans, meanwhile, are waking up to the realization that they cannot afford to heat their homes this winter. They have returned to burning wood and coal, just to survive Mr. Biden’s winter. If you think crime is bad now, just wait until people reach the depths of their discontent this winter.

Mr. Biden and Democrats in Washington are now so desperate, they are pulling out all the stops to inspire their voters to get excited about this election. It’s now obvious even to them that their abortion enthusiasm is not getting it done.

They have tried wild government spending and paying people not to work.

Their latest gambits include paying off college debts, pardoning drug convictions and passing out crack pipes. Still, nothing moves the needle for them. 

Behold, the coming red wave.

• Charles Hurt is opinion editor at The Washington Times.

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