My last contribution to the Republican National Committee was $250. A previous contribution was multiple times that amount. But I’ll sign no more checks to it anytime soon. At some time prior to Michael McKenna’s column “The dumpster fire that is the Republican National Committee” (Web, Nov. 25), I concluded that I’d been throwing good money after bad to the RNC for some of the same reasons cited by Mr. McKenna.

My other reasons include Donald Trump’s recent unprovoked, verbal assaults against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who might challenge him as the GOP’s 2024 presidential nominee. This is nothing new for Mr. Trump, for attacking his perceived enemies with name-calling and other disparaging comments is a frequent tactic of his. His bullying and berating former Vice President Mike Pence before the Jan. 6 fiasco was delinquent at best. Then, this year, he made his endorsements of Mehmet Oz and Kari Lake contingent upon the fact that both candidates accepted his narrative of a stolen 2020 election. Should Mr. Trump secure the nomination for the 2024 election, expect this bull-in-the-china-shop conduct to prevail as it did prior to and during his presidency.

This may present an uncomfortable choice for voters like me, who voted for Mr. Trump twice. He was a good president in terms of policies, but I’ve had enough of his abrasive personality and overbearing style. As Mr. Pence has stated, “There are better candidates.” I agree.

There must also be candidates for the RNC chairmanship better than the feckless Rona McDaniel. After all, as chairwoman of the RNC, she’s been a loser in getting GOP candidates elected during the past three elections. Three strikes and she’s out.

Silver Spring, Maryland

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