West Virginia University is considering adding “diversity, equity [and] inclusion,” along with the “elimination of discrimination and harassment” to the long-established standards of teaching, research and service for the evaluation of its tenured faculty (“West Virginia University eyes ‘woke’ criteria for tenured professors,” Web, Nov. 11).

The initiative is being defined as a moral imperative, which is laughable but hardly funny. As a former graduate assistant at the university, I am alarmed that this chilling Orwellian proposal is even being considered. These criteria are precisely those the political left has adopted as a platform to advance its destructive woke agenda.

As a member and observer of the higher education establishment for decades, I predict that faculty curriculum committees will embrace (if they have not done so already) topics such as appropriate pronouns, the number of genders, the amount of melanin in one’s skin as it relates to victimhood, teaching math so that it is not racist and the menace of toxic masculinity. The benefits of abortion and the efficacy of castrating boys and mutilating girls would clearly be agenda items.

It wouldn’t surprise me, either, if there are discussions regarding the number of tampon dispensers in the men’s faculty bathroom. But most ominously, impressionable students will be infected by such nonsense espoused in the classroom and we will produce even more woke adherents. Indoctrination will replace education.

I wrote the university president, urging him to reject this nefarious and destructive proposal and asking that he guide the institution to return to its fundamental and time-honored mission of acquiring, communicating and advancing knowledge. So far, I have not received a response. Fat chance that will happen.

Annapolis, Maryland

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