Based on the results of the midterm elections, it would seem America is in a state of confusion and an identity crisis. This occurs whenever integrity, values and accountability are compromised. 

There are examples all around us, and our self-created confusion is the driving force. We say we want law and order restored since the killing of George Floyd, but we voted for the very officials who facilitated Floyd’s death. Recently, officials in the Washington, D.C., region conceded that they have no solutions to reduce the crime wave that plagues our neighborhoods. The limousine liberals’ solution is to ignore it and hope it all magically goes away. Meanwhile, their progressive policies confuse people into thinking that amplification of bigotry is protected by the First Amendment.

Their declining-birth-rate solution is allowing illegal immigrants into this country while funding nearly 1 million abortions since 2017. (This totally illogical mindset is exactly what accounts for a biological man with prostate cancer refusing treatment because he identifies as transgender and therefore can’t have a prostate.)  

Our core values have been so attacked that drug use, suicide and violence are rampant. The House Judiciary Committee’s investigation into Hunter Biden’s laptop has found a level of influence peddling and profiteering never before witnessed in our nation’s history. As we learn about these examples and others, a picture of an America rotting from the inside out comes into clear focus. 

We must return to the actions that brought us civil rights, which gave us the unity the entire world admired. Current efforts to unite through isolation and tribalism are only destroying us. We must accept reality, not some make-believe version that embraces “nontraditional” behaviors. Our new leadership in Congress can start by demonstrating the importance of accountability and responsibility, which will result in clarity for us and our children.


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