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Monday, May 23, 2022


The Democrat Party’s political funhouse hall of mirrors has finally shattered.

For six years, America has labored under the crazed delusions of lying fraudsters in Washington hungry for power and desperate to keep from being exposed for their decades of dishonesty, grift and incompetence.

The queen of the cartel has always been Lady Macbeth herself, Hillary Clinton. Whether she will be frogmarched out in prison stripes remains to be seen. But there is no question that she has been exposed.

And the Titanic political ramifications are hard to overstate.

Her 2016 campaign manager Robby Mook testified in court last week that Mrs. Clinton herself gave the green light to launch the Russia hoax that we have been living with ever since. Even after Mr. Mook failed to deliver Mrs. Clinton the keys to the White House, the hoax lived on.

In fact, the hoax took on a life of its own and morphed into 10,000 hoaxes as every powerful player in Washington sought to breathe life into it. 

The political press, Democrat leaders in Congress, fraud merchants controlling social media, the American surveillance state and foreign lobbyists all conspired to carry out precisely the collusion that they would eventually impeach former President Donald Trump over.

Only, it was all a lie. They were the only ones colluding. They were the only ones lying. They were the only ones peddling Russian propaganda. They were the only ones subverting American elections. 

They were the true insurrectionists.

It was all rather brilliant — a brilliant mirage. A fantastical castle of mirrors floating above the desert, forever just out of reach, hovering on the horizon.

All of it fake. And just one measly little pebble is all it took to shatter it.

A simple charge of lying to the FBI about who exactly one of Mrs. Clinton’s lawyer’s was actually working for exposed the truth in open court.

Many of us never believed any of the lies. But when Democrats spent years grinding all of Washington to a halt to impeach a president over their own fever dreams from amid twisted sheets and a wet bed — how can you ignore it?

But the truth is now official. Part of the court record. Even the FBI — which was one of the most important key players giving credence to the Russian hoax and spreading it far and wide — now admits it was all a lie. 

Even the queen’s courtiers are turning coat on her. Mr. Mook should probably go into the witness protection program.

The massive lie of the Russian hoax was so powerful and so far-reaching that the shattering of the funhouse hall of mirrors gives life to a new era of truth in America. This new era of truth is obvious all around us.

And, no, I am not just talking about Mr. Trump’s new social media company called Truth Social — though that is certainly part of this new era of truth in America. Truth Social rises from the ash heap of lies at the very same moment that the great, vaunted Twitter platform is being exposed for all its fakery and tweeting robot zombies.

Just like Queen Hillary’s Russian hoax hall of mirrors, Twitter is a diseased cesspool of monkeypox lies.

“I think Twitter is going down,” Mr. Trump crowed on Truth Social, noting the “Bots, Spam, Fake Accounts” that infest the mainstream media’s preferred place to talk about themselves.

“It has become a dark, unfriendly and very boring hole!”

Truth is infectious.

Across the board, Democrats are being exposed for all their terrible policies that have never worked anywhere to improve anyone’s lives.

Historic high gas prices, soaring food costs, empty shelves. America officially became a Third World beggar nation after tons of baby formula had to be airlifted into the United States — from other countries.

Crime is out of control in many places, drugs pour across the border killing our young, and families cannot afford a place to live. Meanwhile, illegal aliens streaming into the country are welcomed and flown for free anywhere they want to go in the country.

Democrats have been exposed for their hideous ideas that kill people. Their political agenda is a scam and now everybody knows it.

This is why Democrats spend so much time accusing everyone else of being racist. It’s why they push this crazy, fake agenda about men getting pregnant.

Those are the death gurgles of a party gasping and wheezing for one last breath before they get banished forever.

The whole reason Mr. Trump won in 2016 is that that election was all about issues. He wasn’t elected for being a nice guy. He was the only one in either party talking about the issues that mattered most to Americans.

The only difference between that election and today is that today, those issues are even more important. And even more obvious among more voters.

Everybody today wonders if Mr. Trump will run again. The real question is: Why wouldn’t he?

• Charles Hurt is the opinion editor for the Washington Times.

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