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Monday, May 23, 2022


President Biden, the World Health Organization, members of mainstream media and governing authorities in select nations of the world all concur: Emerging monkeypox is an emerging challenge that could emerge as the next big concern. 

For gay men, anyway. But on that — shhhh.

That’s an inconvenient truth that could get in the way of the fear-mongering — the very fear-mongering that will help the globalists stomp their Marxist boots over individual liberties. 

It’s already beginning.

It’s already begun

“Belgium becomes first country to introduce mandatory monkeypox quarantine as global cases rise,” CNBC just wrote.

It’s a 21-day quarantine this time around, based on the World Health Organization’s confirmation of 92 cases in 12 countries. Add to that another 28 cases that could be monkeypox and it’s clear, the global powers-who-be are shaping this health matter to be the next pandemic panic.

“As we enter the summer season,” said Hans Kluge, Europe’s WHO spokesman said on Friday, “with mass gatherings, festivals and parties, I am concerned that transmission [of monkeypox] could accelerate.”

You don’t say.

Patriotic Americans are concerned that the obfuscating science class is going to come back ‘round with Round Two — or is it Round 22? — of their fear-mongering ways to push and promote more lockdowns on liberties based on coulda, woulda, shoulda claims about the maybe, perhaps, potential and possible outcomes of not listening to the obfuscating experts. 

And just as it was known but seemingly shushed by medical bureaucrats that the coronavirus was most threatening to the obese, no doubt the early indications that monkeypox is an especial risk for gay and bisexual men will be equally downplayed and ignored. Political correctness, dontcha know. Fat people can’t be blamed for their health problems any more than homosexuals can be faulted for their own health risks.

But just for kicks, consider this.

“The United Kingdom Health Security Agency has warned that ‘men who are gay and bisexual’ to be aware of unusual rashes or lesions and contact a doctor without delay in such a case,” The Hindustan Times wrote. “The warning comes after the UK reported its ninth monkeypox case since May 6, with the UKHSA confirming ‘recent cases predominantly in gay and bisexual communities, or men who have sex with men.’”


This didn’t prevent Biden from suggesting that everybody this side of the galaxy ought to be “concerned” about the disease.

“They haven’t told me the level of exposure yet, but it is something that everybody should be concerned about,” he said, on route to Japan.

And lookie here, right on cue: talk of a magic vaccine.

“We’re working on it hard to figure out what we do and what vaccine, if any, may be available for it,” Biden went on, the New York Post wrote. “But it is a concern in the sense that if it were to spread, it’s consequential.”




There’s that special brand of Anthony Fauci Science again — you know, the kind the leftists in government like to pretend is sound and sane and sensible, even as they take unsound, unscientific, insane and utterly nonsensical measures that strip citizens of God-given rights and that destroy economies, education systems and free societies. Oh well.

Better safe than sorry.

“Monkeypox symptoms and signs include headache, skin rash, fever, body aches, chills, swollen lymph nodes and exhaustion,” Medical News Today wrote. “It produces symptoms similar to smallpox, but milder.”

And this: “The illness typically resolves within two to four weeks.”

In other words — have some chicken noodle soup and stay in bed; you’ll be fine in a few days. Unless, of course, you have an immune deficiency. Unless, of course, you have existing health issues that already suppress your body’s natural ability to fight off disease.

Hey — just a thought — but isn’t that like any health threat? Yes. Yes, indeed. Yes, indeed it is.

But Marxists who see massive potential to use health scares to advance their collectivist visions for society don’t want that talked about, though.

“Most of the recent cases of monkeypox in the U.K. and Canada have been reported among  attendees of sexual health services at health clinics in men who have sex with men,” Medical News Today wrote.

Marxists and their friends in globalist circles don’t want that talked about, either.

Biden, on the heels of drumming up fears about monkeypox, turned around and tried to calm fears about monkeypox by saying, hours later, that it didn’t seem to rise “to the level of the kind of concern that existed with COVID-19.”

But he could’ve done better.

He could’ve told the truth.

He could’ve called out monkeypox for what it certainly seemed to be — a health risk for men who have sex with men. That would’ve put him in trouble with the left, though. So science must take a back seat to politics. Fear must be needlessly drummed through the media, into all of society. And that’s all the “in” the cultural Marxists and socialists and communists need to exert controls.

From coronavirus to coronavirus variants to monkeypox to more and more mayhem: Fear is the leftist’s gift that keeps on giving.

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