The Supreme Court, that mighty construct of our Founding Fathers, is now in jeopardy of being pushed off of its foundation of judicial prominence.

It does not have its own military or special forces to defend itself or help enforce its judicial decisions, nor does the Department of Justice force the lower courts to acquiesce or comply with the Supreme Court‘s decisions. Yet the Supreme Court is an entity to which the federal and state judiciaries have allegiance and fealty.

Americans have inherited a belief that the court is a sacrosanct institution. Historically, it has been unimaginable that anyone would think otherwise. Yet with the leaking of the informal vote on Roe v. Wade, this “idea” has not only come under assault but is now being eclipsed by the power of the mob: the political left, the Democratic Party and all their minions whose hubris insidiously gravitates down to their own self-glorification.

Soon the lower courts and the federal bureaucracy could begin questioning the authority of the Supreme Court. Because President Biden and his administration have abandoned their duty to defend the constitutional right of the court‘s relevance, integrity and ability to protect itself from the nefarious actions of adversarial forces and governmental bureaucracies, our country is in grave danger.


Traverse City, Michigan

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