It is difficult to imagine all the dogs of war that have been released on the unborn. However, when the secretary of the Treasury testifies before the Senate that abortion is good for the economy, I must take pen in hand (“Treasury Secretary Yellen claims overturning Roe will damage U.S. economy,” Web, May 10).

Without much imagination, one can blink and visualize a government official in a Nazi uniform, testifying before the German Reichstag some 85 years ago to assert that eliminating Jews would be good for the economy. Secretary Janet Yellen, who is Jewish, takes the narrow-minded, absurd position that aborting babies will free up women from the burdens of child care so they can make themselves more productive for our economy. Why not extend these murderous economic urges to infants and small children, too?

Furthermore, does Madame Secretary forget there are numerous methods of birth control available? If economic interests are the ultimate goal in this new world order, why not urge government-paid sterilization of women? Apparently Ms. Yellen thinks females have little purpose beyond being producer cyborgs in our economy.

Perhaps I am too harsh. After all, fetal blobs of desensitized tissue are unthinking and not able to speak for themselves, right? If they have no useful economic purpose to those members of the elite pro-abortion mob, they do not matter.

Maybe it is time for the secretary to resign and search for another line of work. Maryland recently passed legislation to allocate $3.5 Million per year to train non-physicians to perform abortions.


Edgewater, Maryland

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