Allowing activists to illegally protest outside the homes of our Supreme Court justices while our police stand by watching and not arresting anyone sends a disturbing message throughout here and abroad (“U.S. Marshals ordered to protect Supreme Court justices amid rising protests,” Web, May 11).

That members of Congress are validating these types of actions makes me wonder about the state of our country. We have reached a new low standard for the role of activism. Is this how we now express opposing views? The current administration, going into its second year, totally lacks effective leadership, and this fact has created a crisis that is stopping all opportunity to resolve problems. Effective leaders have been replaced by activists who have zero understanding of compromise. We have hit moral rock bottom.

There was a time when we cultivated leaders through our religious and educational institutions. Doing so was viewed as a civic responsibility, and the leaders we helped create called us to task and appealed to our better selves. Unfortunately, our current public officials are more concerned about retaining political influence than solving problems.

We must start identifying leadership skills in individuals seeking government positions at all levels. How? By ignoring social media positions that enable people to deceive voters. Effective leadership solves the problem; activism screams “Fire!” in a crowded theater. Activists aren’t leaders; they seek confrontation and refuse to seek a middle ground.

This crisis will continue its downward spiral if we voters don’t stop choosing activists instead of leaders.



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