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Thursday, May 12, 2022


Note to patriotic Americans; memo to optimistic citizens: There is no automatic return to pre-pandemic norms. The left won’t have it, and leftists have already shifted into stage two of the “Using COVID-19 For Political Gain” playbook. They’re pivoting from one fear to another. They’re hoping to continue the hoax of COVID clampdowns and dupe the public into climate lockdowns.

Radical environmentalism. Everything that’s new is actually old.

Or, in Bible-speak: “That which has been is what will be. That which is done is what will be done. And there is nothing new under the sun.”

For decades now, the left has been trying to create a mass hysteria about the climate — the earth is cooling, the earth is warming, the ozone is depleting, the rain is too acidic, the hair spray cans are too damaging to use. And their end game has always been the same: total top-down government controls that lead to massive redistributions of wealth, the destruction of the Constitution and the concept of God-given liberties, and absolute controls on all human activities. 

Whenever science and fact get in their way, they change their messaging.

When global cooling didn’t work, they switched to global warming, and when global warming didn’t work, they switched to the much more generic climate change. And when climate change seems to lose its luster, they affix deadlines to the looming disasters and send out the likes of the empty-headed New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to forecast loudly and wildly of the peril that will befall in 12 years if government isn’t given carte blanche to stop people from driving, stop businesses from producing, stop energy from flowing, stop manufacturers from manufacturing — and oh yes, pay carbon offset fees in the meanwhile to the United Nations and its established partners in Chicken Little crime.

Just because Americans are on to these ploys doesn’t mean the ploys come to an end, however. No. The plotters simply pick up their plots and shove them through a different window.

From pandemic to climate back to pandemic, oh my. A report in Nature by — get this, yet again — scientific experts has found “a link between global environmental change and disease emergence.”

The underlying message is that if citizens of the world, but Americans especially, don’t take immediate actions and allow the government to exercise the necessary controls to stop these coming environmental degradations — the ones the leftists have been warning about for years, nay decades — then viruses will burst at the seams, infect all of humanity, and everybody will die. Yada yada, sumthin’ sumthin’, and so on and so forth. Ocasio-Cortez’s 12 years ’til doomsday is tick, tick, ticking. 

Feel the fear. Even now, it may be too late. Feel the fear?

“[T]he moment to stop climate change from increasing viral transmission was 15 years ago,” said Colin Carlson, a co-author of the study just published by Nature. “We’re in a world that’s 1.2 degrees warmer [than pre-industrial levels]. … We have to prepare for more pandemics because of it.”

Thank goodness Bill Gates just wrote the book on preparation. Right? Seriously — he did. It’s called “How to Prevent the Next Pandemic” — with the short title being “Listen to Bill Or Die.” Not really, on that short title. But it’s implied.

What’s old is new.

History repeats. And so do Democrat agendas. So do socialists in global governments. So do collectivists bent on bringing about a New World Order, or One World Order, or Great Reset, or system of Build Back Better — what have you. The rhetoric changes. The lust by elites’ for ultimate and total control never changes.

Evil never sleeps.

Neither should America-loving American patriots.

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