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Tuesday, May 10, 2022


They make up the nation’s financial backbone and their ranks include Main Street heroes who keep on keeping on under challenging conditions. That would be American small business owners.

The National Federation of Independent Business — the NFIB for short — has some disconcerting news about this vital population. The NFIB Small Business Optimism Index now stands at 93.2, marking the fourth consecutive month below the 48-year average of 98.

“Small business owners expecting better business conditions over the next six months decreased one point to a net negative 50%, the lowest level recorded in the 48-year-old survey,” the organization reported Tuesday.

Inflation continues to be a big issue: 32% of small business owners report it’s their single most important problem — the highest reading since the fourth quarter of 1980, the group said.

“Small business owners are struggling to deal with inflation pressures,” said NFIB chief economist Bill Dunkelberg. “The labor supply is not responding strongly to small businesses’ high wage offers and the impact of inflation has significantly disrupted business operations.”

The NFIB — a nonpartisan nonprofit organization — was founded in 1943 and “exclusively dedicated to small and independent businesses.”


President Biden has revealed his plans to counter inflation, which essentially blames the Republican Party and technical issues rather than his own policy, trillion-dollar spending and runaway costs. 

Meanwhile, the new Consumer Price Index arrives on Wednesday which could reveal some vexing news indeed.

“President Biden’s so-called solution to inflation will do nothing to solve the problem — in fact, it will make it worse. Gas prices are at record highs, families are struggling, and broken supply chains are making basic necessities, like baby formula, impossible to find. Rather than ending government policies that are driving up the price for goods and cutting spending to stabilize the economy, Biden’s plan is to spend more and increase the national debt, raising inflation in both the short term and long term,” said Jessica Anderson, executive director of Heritage Action, a conservative grassroots organization boasting 2 million members.

“Nobody is buying what Biden is selling — his effort to blame the Republicans for the crises he has created is yet another desperate attempt to gaslight the American people. From the beginning, his administration has called inflation ‘transitory’ or used it as an excuse to push their radical climate agenda. President Biden needs to take responsibility for his policy failures, stop misleading the American people, and bring back the common sense, conservative economic policy that made our country successful,” Ms. Anderson advised.


“The Chaos Midterms.”

Could this phrase summarize the politics of the moment?

This is the era of the “Chaos Midterms,” writes Jim Geraghty, a National Review columnist. And yes, he does capitalize this handy phrase.

“Did you ever think that post-Covid America would be so chaotic? All President Biden had to do was roll out the vaccines and let America enjoy a new ‘era of good feelings,’ savoring the joys of boring, normal life,” he writes.

“Instead, as spring 2022 approaches summer, Americans are grappling with rolling electricity blackouts, runaway inflation, high gas prices, high food prices, supply-chain problems, product unavailability, and more than 200,000 migrants coming to the southern border per month. Democratic control of government did not replace chaos with order; it just traded one form of chaos for another,” Mr. Geraghty observes.


The Media Research Center — a conservative press watchdog — has revealed the timely results of its very first Bulldog Awards — an annual recognition of journalists who push back at the liberal press. 

The awards were announced in opposition to the Pulitzer Prizes, which were also made public on Tuesday.

The folks at the Media Research Center did not hold back in their praise of journalism that is rarely, if ever, acknowledged by the Pulitzers.

“Their impactful work is trusted and respected by Americans nationwide, unlike the work of the left-wing operatives that call themselves ‘journalists.’ As the liberal media celebrate themselves with Pulitzer Prizes, we wanted to shine a light on the truth-tellers who are greatly dedicated to informing the American public on stories the legacy media ignores,” said Media Research Center President L. Brent Bozell.

And here are the winning bulldogs: Mark Levin was named as Outstanding Talk Show Host, New York Post and Daily Telegraph writer Miranda Devine was Outstanding Columnist.

Dan Bongino won the title of Outstanding Podcaster, Daily Wire writer Luke Rosiak was named Outstanding Investigative Journalist.

Stephen Gutowski — founder of the firearms-centered blog The Reload — was named Outstanding Blogger, while Washington Free Beacon media Reporter Drew Hoden won the title of Outstanding Social Media Personality.

Find their stories and much more at Newsbusters.org.


During the week of May 2-8, Fox News remained the top cable news network with 2.3 million prime-time viewers, compared to MSNBC with 996,000 and CNN with 605,000 according to Nielsen Media Research. Fox News is also the top-15 cable news telecasts for the week.

In addition, MSNBC saw its lowest-rated nonholiday week with prime-time viewers since 2016, according to Nielsen.

FOX Business Network, meanwhile, topped CNBC during business hours for the third consecutive week, according to Nielsen.


 • 44% of U.S. adults say they are paying “a little attention” to the 2022 congressional elections; 42% of Republicans, 44% of independents and 51% of Democrats agree.

 • 51% of Blacks and 43% of Hispanics also agree.

 • 28% overall say they are paying “no attention at all” to the elections; 22% of Republicans, 32% of independents and 20% of Democrats agree.

 • 32% of Blacks and 38% of Hispanics also agree.

 • 28% overall are paying “a lot of attention” to the elections; 36% of Republicans, 24% of independents and 29% of Democrats agree.

 • 17% of Blacks and 18% of Hispanics also agree.

Source: An Economist/YouGov poll of 1,500 U.S. adults conducted April 30-May 3.

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