When you get your medical advice from Bill Gates, Big Bird and Anthony Fauci, be prepared to suffer the consequences (“Questioning COVID-19 competence,” Web, July 19). Unfortunately, about a third of the U.S. population swallowed every bit of propaganda coming out of the FDA/CDC/NIH crime syndicate and is suffering the consequences. Another third knew something was amiss, but they were coerced into going along. A final third actually sought out dissenting scientists’ views, managed to escape and stayed healthy.

The COVID-19 leaky vaccines, which were known from the start not to provide herd immunity, are instead giving us a perpetual pandemic. Normally, highly mutable viruses become more infectious and less virulent as time and infections mount, but in this case I would not count on it. The countries with the worst infection rates are also the most vaccinated.

A recent study determined that vaccinated people were seven times more likely to get a serious case of COVID-19 than unvaccinated people who had recovered from a previous infection. Basically, we have been fed lies, one after the other.

Any country that got vaccinated has turned itself into a cauldron of infection. Vaccinating children, much less infants, is a crime against those children and a crime against humanity. Children usually provide the immune reservoir to lead us out of an epidemic of this type, but not this time.

Just try to avoid flying because the pilots are all vaccinated, as well as those fully vacinated cruise ships. The latest example: a Princess Cruise liner in Australia with 5% ill and 100% infected and vaccinated. Congratulations, Australia, you are the forced-lockdown, quarantine capital of the world.


Reston, Virginia

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