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Saturday, July 2, 2022


A new poll from Emerson College puts Donald Trump at a 5-point lead over Joe Biden in a hypothetical match-up for president in 2024. A new poll from CBS News-YouGov finds Greg Abbott with a 49%-to-41% lead over Beto O’Rourke in a question of the preferred governor pick in Texas. New polling from FiveThirtyEight indicates Republicans are “substantial favorites” to dominate in the House this November, in large part because Democrats are “saddled with an unpopular President Biden,” as well as with economic woes and lingering COVID-19 effects.

The big picture? The big theme?

Democrats are great for Republicans. 

DemocratsDemocrats and don’t forget Rep. Liz Cheney — are giving Republicans massive wind at their backs for both the midterms and the next presidential election.

Emily Post might suggest thank-you notes are in order.

It’s not just inflation and supply chain problems that are nipping at Democrats’ heels. Those are significant; those present major headaches for women nursing babies — can you say infant formula? — as well as for anybody in America who drives vehicles. But it’s also Democrat lunacy that’s showing as problematic at the polls.

Disney has gone full woke gay.

Pride Month has brought out the naked bike riders into the streets, cycling in front of moms, dads and their little ones in Seattle.

The socialists masquerading as Democrats in the House are shoving forward a transgender bill of rights, with more than 80 cosponsors, no less, that would add to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protections for those who are born boys, but prefer to identify as girls, and for those who are born girls, but prefer to identify as boys — and that would, therefore, bring legal punishment upon anyone who chooses not to participate in the lie.

This, after Democrats already exposed themselves as the loons they are by splashing red paint on the front of their white pants, a la running blood, and protesting in the streets against any overturn of Roe v. Wade. This, after a Democrat-fueled assassination attempt of a Supreme Court justice who favored sending Roe v. Wade back to the states. This, after Democrats called for abortion rights to be treated as national health emergencies, and therefore, executively ordered as an indisputable right.

Do Democrats truly believe America is that far-left?

Does the Democratic Party honestly think Americans are that atheistic and immoral?

Politically speaking, Americans may be divided. But on certain values, on certain matters, on traditional values and matters, more are united. And the various segments of society that Democrats have oh-so-skillfully exploited for years so as to gain consistent voting blocks are starting to awaken to the fact the Democratic Party has become less about political differences are more about advancing an evil agenda. 

You can only twerk so many Twin City fat White men wearing nothing but tighty-whiteys in front of children at a gay pride parade before moms — even Hispanic moms — get upset.

You can only strut men dressed as  women in front of little kids to dance for dollars so many times before voters — even independent and Democrat-leaning ones — show some outrage.

“Biden Has Lost Support Across All Groups Of Americans — But Especially Independents And Hispanics,” FiveThirtyEight wrote in October 2021.

“CNN frets Democrats losing Hispanic voters: Texas election ‘big warning sign,’” Fox News wrote, after Republican Mayra Flores flipped a Democratic House seat in Texas.

“It’s Not Just Hispanics: The Democrats Are Losing the Black Vote,” Newsweek wrote in May.

It’s getting to the point so many Democrats are fleeing the Democratic Party that Democrats won’t be able to steal elections for decades to come. The only voters that’ll be left are family members — and with all the Democrats who want to keep intact abortion-on-demand policies, well, you can see where that leads. Population Zero.

Turns out, it’s not just the economy, stupid.

It’s also values. Values and morals and sane versus insane. And the Democratic Party has long ago turned the corner on any show of sanity. By all signs, they keep walking this same direction.

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