The Democrats are indeed making a grave mistake by obsessively focusing on the tragic events of Jan. 6, 2021, while failing to similarly focus on other incidents of violence that many of them (e.g., Vice President Harris and Rep. Maxine Waters) explicitly encouraged (“Democrats are making a mistake focusing on Jan. 6,” Web, Jan. 6).

By not investigating, prosecuting and publicly condemning the all-too-numerous incidents of violence in 2020 by marauding mobs, Democrats have sent a clear message that they are literally willing to look the other way and even foment violence to achieve their political objectives. With the current hysterical efforts to condemn, blame and prosecute only Trump supporters, we’re just going to further radicalize this segment of the population, which could provoke a civil war. Is that really what the Democrats want?

Now more than ever we need leaders such as Abraham Lincoln, who sought to heal the post-Civil War divisions by instituting the policy of “malice toward none.”

We will never heal as a nation if we do not condemn all violence and seek justice and redress for all victims, regardless of political affiliation.


Henderson, Nev.

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