Just like the numerous impeachments that were part of the overall coup to overthrow an American president, the intent of the “investigation” into Jan. 6, 2021, is to keep Donald Trump‘s name in the media as a bad man who must not be liked or followed as we move closer to an election. The mainstream media and the political left realize that with all the effort they have made to finally rid themselves of the authentic “America-first” president, they have not succeeded in the hearts of the American people who will be voting.

International money and power had joined forces to remove the one American leader who had set back, by years, the course of globalization. Yet most Americans have seen right through the Democratic Party’s charges against Donald Trump, who since going mostly quiet and ‘off-screen’ has been more difficult for the left to continue painting as the bad guy. It has kept trying anyway, but this strategy will also fail.

Whether or not Trump runs again, the Democrats are terrified of his resilience. He has never fit into their plans, so the mission was to have him completely neutered. Unfortuately for them they just don’t seem able to effectively put him away. Such independent and individual American power also terrifies globalists.


Columbia, Md.

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