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Thursday, January 20, 2022


President Biden took to the White House podium for a rare press conference, sporting an even rarer look — a face absent a mask.


Why does he get to go face mask-less while all the reporters in the room have to wear face masks — when it’s the Team Biden medical bureaucratic policy to keep all Americans in face masks, man, woman and child, based on so-called science?

Either the science says wear a face mask, or the science says don’t wear a face mask. And truthful science says the latter.

But for the president of the United States to stand before the American people without a face mask, in a room full of reporters who are forced to wear face masks, all the while pushing through his administration a national “wear the face mask” policy — it’s the height of hypocrisy.

Hypocrisy and arrogance.

On top of that, he dodged coronavirus questions that he should have known better than to dodge. How so? By now, Biden should have an answer about the ever-changing federal mandates and wanna-be mandates on the coronavirus. But he didn’t.

The question: Why hasn’t the White House changed the definition of “fully vaccinated” to include the third booster shoot?

The answer: Yes.

Actually, he was also asked if the reason the definition of fully vaccinated hasn’t been changed by his Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was due to the fact that the vaccinated percentage of the population would suddenly, seemingly, inexplicably and overnight drop to an unimpressive amount.

And on that, he said nope.

But then asked the original question again — why not change the definition? — he said: Yes.

“The answer is yes, get the booster shot, it’s all part of the same thing. You’re better protected,” Biden said.

Wind him up and watch him go. When he’s not being arrogant or calling out the American people as domestic enemies, he’s speaking incoherently. Oddly. Untruthfully.

Mr. President, Mr. President, is the country less divided under you?

And Mr. President says, “Based on some of the stuff we got done, I’d say yes.”


Come again?

His point was the country is indeed more unified. And just because nobody believes that doesn’t mean it’s untrue. Just ask Jen Psaki, resident water carrier. 

The best was quiz time.

“Raise your hand if you think anyone was going to be able to unify Afghanistan into one single government,” Biden said.

So why spend the millions, oops billions of dollars?

“I make no apologies for what I did,” Biden said. “I have a great concern for the women and men who were blown up at the airport.”

And then he blamed the Donald Trump administration.

“Do I feel badly, what’s happening, [due] to the incompetence of the Taliban? Yes, I do. … But I feel badly about a whole range of things … [and] you can’t solve every issue. I don’t think [Afghanistan] is a competency issue.”

Good one, Mr. President.

But guess what? Most of America does. Most American voters don’t like the idea of the United States cutting and running and leaving behind citizens and allies, both, along with millions of dollars worth of top-notch military equipment, now in the hands of raging, violent terrorists. Oops. Oopsie. Back to the basement for you, Mr. President!

It’s becoming very clear why Biden doesn’t hold many press conferences.

But make way for more. One of his promises for his coming years? To get out and about more — to talk more directly to the American people. Please, make it stop.

“Why are you trying so hard in your first year to pull the country so far to the left?” Fox News’ Peter Doocy asked.

“Well, I’m not,” Biden said. “You guys are trying to convince me I’m Bernie Sanders. I’m not.”

No, he’s not. Joe Biden is not Bernie Sanders. Different people.

But then again, on a different day — on a different day when Biden refers to himself as a senator or to Vice President Kamala Harris as president — he just might say he is. And that’s why his mental fitness should not be on public display.

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