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Friday, January 14, 2022


President Joe Biden has had a very bad week.

That means America, at least the part of America that still believes in individual liberties and the Constitution, have had a very good week.

When Team Biden loses, America wins. That’s because, simply put, Team Biden stands for socialism, cultural Marxism, globalism, collectivism and elitism — whereas the America the Founding Fathers envisioned and gave us stands for the opposite: personal liberties that come from the Creator, not government.

There’s a reason Biden’s favor with the public, according to the latest Quinnipiac polls, put him at 33%. It’s because 67% of Americans still believe in the concept of freedom, and are fighting mad about the losses of freedom they’ve suffered under this current administration.

Asked about any potential change of direction this administration might take in the face of so many policy failures, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, in a media briefing that followed the Supreme Court slap down of the OSHA-pushed vaccine mandates, said: What? Why would we? Why would we change course and chart a new direction just because the American people, the American legislators, the American courts keep telling us they don’t want we’re selling? Oh you silly wascally wabbity people. We’re just going to dig deeper and dig harder and keep on truckin’ ’til we find the means that brings about our end.

That’s a paraphrase, of course.

On SCOTUS, Psaki actually said the White House will “continue to call on businesses to immediately join those who have already stepped up, including one third of Fortune 100 companies, and to institute vaccination requirements to protect their workers, customers and communities. We have to keep working together in order to get this done to save more lives.”

That’s the spirit, Psaki. 

If the American people don’t want — make ‘em get it, anyway.

That’s the spirit that drove Team Biden to push for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention powers to prevent housing evictions when renters couldn’t pay, even though the Constitution and court said they couldn’t. That’s the spirit that keeps Team Biden pushing for Build Back Better socialism, even though members of his own Democrat Party won’t pass it. That’s the spirit that keeps Team Biden pressing for an end to the filibuster, despite the fact Democrat Sen. Kyrsten Sinema said no way, no how — just moments before Biden himself took to the podium to say do it, do it, do it. That’s the spirit that keeps Team Biden believing in the abilities of Vice President Kamala Harris, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, despite the fact this trio has shown itself incapable of success time and time again. Can you say border control, supply chain issues and Afghanistan?

How about insufferable fools, all?

That they still hold jobs speaks loudly for Republicans in the midterms and in 2024. And that’s the ray of light with this administration: that one day — maybe not soon enough, but inevitably, one day — it will come to an end.

In the meanwhile, the consolation is the more Biden bungles, the more voters of all political stripes realize his bungles, the more voters reject his party’s politics, the more America has a chance to vote in conservatives who can fix his many, many bungles.

The more Biden loses, the more America wins.

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