The Democrats have provided the real reasons why the Freedom to Vote Act should not be passed. Rep. James Clyburn has said the federal government, not the states, should control voting. Rep. Jamie Raskin wants Congress to determine who can run for president (just to stop a potential campaign by former President Trump). And Sen. Chuck Schumer wants to set aside the long-standing filibuster process to pass the voting bill.

I don’t believe either our Founding Fathers or the majority of our citizens wanted legislation that would allow a political party to control voting procedures. That would mean the party could take away their freedoms, and it’s why the states were granted that right in our Constitution to begin with.

Schumer’s plan to end the filibuster to achieve the Democrats’ goal is an attack on our democracy. Voting reform is needed to guarantee the integrity of our system — so that only eligible voters can vote.


Centerville, Ma

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