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Tuesday, August 9, 2022


Joe Biden scored a presidential win when Senate Democrats plus Vice President Kamala Harris voted to advance his climate, tax and health care boondoggle of a bill, with a massive $400 billion or so of the total $740 billion in proposed spending earmarked for carbon emission controls and other pet green projects — a la Campaign Joe’s Build Back Better dreams.

But beware the food insecurity that’s coming.

This bill is bad for energy companies. It’s bad for the economy. It’s bad for law-abiding taxpayers who will now be treated to more, more, more IRS scrutiny, much of it needless and aggressive. It’s bad for Americans who believe in the concept of limited government and who long for the pre-Barack Obama days when health care was more private than publicly run. But it’s equally bad for farmers in America. 

And when things go south for farmers, that means things go south for America’s food supplies.

Contained within this bill is $20 billion to encourage — and that’s encourage in air quotes — farmers to adopt climate-friendly agricultural practices that in the end will strip them of their independence or, due to costs of compliance, drum them out of business. Specifically? The $20 billion will go to farmers who agree to play the government’s CO2 game and stop raising cattle; stop using chemical fertilizers; stop using chemical pesticides; stop driving away birds and animals and insects radical environmentalists whine would call the farming land home, save for the unfair and devastating affects of normal farming practices.

Seriously, who knows better than farmers how to preserve and protect their own lands, right? Their livelihoods depend on keeping their lands usable through the years. But the Democrats want farmers to take their marching orders from the Environmental Protection Agency, not nature. The left wants farmers to engage in sustainable development practices that are rubber-stamped by the likes of the United Nations and other socialist globalist entities — practices that are based more on redistribute the wealth, redistribute the food schemes than practical farming practices.

The Democrats want to control the food supply — just like they want to control the public schools, the private business sector, the health care system, the entire economy. But with food, it’s especially egregious, i.e. evil.

Just look at what’s taking place with Dutch farmers for a peek at where Democrats want to take America’s farmers.

“Famers Protests in the Netherlands Show Just How Messy the Climate Transition Will Be,” Time wrote in late July, about a standoff between Dutch farmers and their government overlords over the use of manure as fertilizer. 

“The Netherlands’ intensive livestock farming system produces an unusual excess of animal feces,” Time wrote. “When mixed with urine, those feces give off ammonia and nitrous oxide. The former is a pollutant that can leak into air and water, harming local wildlife. The latter is a potent greenhouse gas that traps heat in our atmosphere.”

In other words: Bill Gates would not approve.

And since Bill Gates has recently made headlines as one of America’s largest private farmland owners, if not the largest, and since Bill Gates is a billionaire and has the power of the purse of most of the world’s governments, and since Bill Gates says climate change is the biggest threat facing humanity, and since Bill Gates warns that a failure to properly address climate change now will mean more pandemics, more viruses, more deaths, more deaths, more deaths in the future — because animals will be forced to leave their natural habitats and live closer to humans, bringing with them all their virus-filled bodies in the meanwhile — well then, Bill Gates is the go-to guy to watch on farming policy in America and around the world. When Bill Gates doesn’t approve, governments jump. When Bill Gates says hop, Joe Biden’s puppet string pullers make Joe Biden hop.

“Bill Gates Wants Rich Countries To Move To 100% Synthetic Beef,” Forbes wrote in March of 2021.

“Synthetic meat investor Bill Gates calls for rich countries to shift entirely to synthetic meat,” Beef Central wrote in 2021. 


To reduce methane emissions. To reduce climate change emissions. To save the environment, and so forth and so on and yada, yada, and so forth.

“You can get used to the taste difference,” he said.

“[Y]ou can sort of change the [behavior of] people or use regulation to totally shift the demand,” he said. 

It is the Democrat way: compliance, at all costs.

“Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world,” Henry Kissinger was cited to have said.

This is what Biden’s tax, health care and climate bill is all about: control the food. Control the energy. Control the economy,

Control the world.

One farm, one farmer, at a time.

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