In a more perfect world, it would have been ethical for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to visit Taiwan (“Beijing increases tensions over Pelosi’s Taipei visit with military drills surrounding Taiwan,” Web Aug. 3). But courage can be exhibited by both well-intentioned and ill-intentioned people.

America spawned the likes of President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and Mrs. Pelosi. By and large, it owns its current situation. America has people in the offices of president, vice president and House speaker who are incoherent and apparently mentally incompetent. These people’s individual consciences cannot sort out right from wrong, nor the spirit and willingness to expunge the hate in their hearts.

As a country, we need to pray or hope that sanity infiltrates the electorate with the integrity to vote with common sense come midterm time. Because America is practically void of responsible leadership, our government as a whole was completely derelict in encouraging Mrs. Pelosi to make her visit to Taiwan. We are on borrowed time. This visit is a powder keg in the Asian theater.


Traverse City, Michigan

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