If, as hoped, Republicans become the House majority in November, they should begin wresting the country from the left’s grasp by selecting former President Donald Trump as speaker. It would be an unusual move, but the Constitution is silent on whether the speaker must be chosen from among elected House members, and no federal law requires it.

With Rep. Liz Cheney’s howls of horror as backdrop, the House under Speaker Trump should impeach President Biden, Vice President Harris and Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for their purposeful dismantling of our southern border’s security. They knew full well the incalculable harm to our nation and its citizens that would ensue by allowing lethal drugs, human traffickers, unknown terrorists and evil doers to freely invade and disperse into our country in abject violation of our laws.

A second article of impeachment should cite Biden’s and Harris’ intentional restriction of the country’s fossil fuel supply upon taking office. With no alternative energy supply available, these moves only increased the cost of gasoline, diesel and natural gas, as well as the millions of products containing them. The administration’s deliberate steps to limit our reliable and inexpensive fuel supply caused the price of gas to steadily increase from $2 per gallon to $4 per gallon, and caused inflation to rise from 1.4% to 7.9% prior to Putin ever invading Ukraine.

If an enemy nation had attacked our energy supply and harmed our nation’s economy, families’ finances and national security like this, we’d declare war.

A scenario in which the Republicans come away from the midterms with the Senate seats needed to convict the president, vice president and Homeland Security secretary and remove them from office is unlikely. However, GOP control of the House would curtail further wasteful spending, and a Speaker Trump would have two years to expose the Biden administration’s high crimes (ignored by the media), and to work openly on his plan to return America to its historic prosperity once he‘s reelected president in 2024.

After all, he‘s done it before.


Sarasota, Florida

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