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Thursday, April 7, 2022


America’s great democratic-republic cannot last without a) moral and virtuous people; b) an informed and concerned citizenry; and c) law and order that feeds into a blind justice system.

Check, check and again, check — these are all areas where the Marxists masquerading as Democrats have torn into and torn apart in recent years.

America is one globalist turn of the screw from losing its Constitution and with it, independence, sovereignty and the concept of God-given individualism.

The lawlessness of the left is everywhere.

Just look at these headlines: “White House ignores calls for a special counsel investigation of Hunter Biden,” Breitbart wrote.

“Emails reveal Biden’s big favor for son of Hunter’s Chinese investment partner,” Fox News wrote.

“California city to give universal income to transgender, nonbinary residents,” Fox News also wrote.

“Biden administration expected to extend student loan pause this week,” The Hill wrote.

“Disney executive wants more LGBTQIA, minority characters,” the New York Post wrote.

Everywhere you look, leftists have inserted their claws, dug in deep and spread their wicked ways. The repercussion is a nation awash in turmoil, divided by special interest politics and consumed by fight after fight after fight over issues and matters and topics that just a few short years ago, were barely blips on the radar marking controversies.

Who would have thought that America, a land founded on a quest for religious freedom, a country raised to greatness on principles of Judeo-Christian beliefs, a nation populated by citizens who regarded their individual rights as resting in God, not government — who would have thought such an exceptional America could have fallen so quickly to the likes of gay demands, then transgender demands, then the demands of the ever-expanding LGBTQIA crowd? How many letters can a human be?

The end result is chaos.

And it’s in the chaos that the left makes its greatest gains.

Fear, chaos, division, deception — these are all tools of leftists, these are all tools of evil. Socialists have infiltrated the school system to train the emerging generations to hate America, detest capitalism and regard the Constitution as inherently racist, in immediate and dire need of reform.

The borders have become places where President Biden and his band of White House pretend-pro-America politicians open wide the country to those who want to sneak in illegally; to those who have nefarious designs to exploit U.S. resources and people for personal benefit; to those who would corrupt America’s voting systems; to those even who would carry out physical attacks on American citizens.

Billionaire leftists have poured money into the justice system so as to guarantee that the lawless have no consequences to pay for their illegal actions.

And as for America’s moral compass? America’s virtuous base?

The churches — once upon a time closed by a coronavirus! — are failing in their basic missions to teach biblical principles to the masses.

Today’s churches in America are more apt to tell congregants that Jesus would embrace socialism than to teach principles of accountability, individual choice and personal responsibility. Sin? Punishment for sin?

Shh. That hurts feelings.

And those with hurt feelings aren’t likely to tithe.

America’s future is at a fork in the road.

If the next generation is to have freedom as the founders envisioned — as rooted in the concept of God-given, not government-granted — then America must return to a time where schools actually educated children; where politicians actually did the bidding of constituents; and where the people, by and large, were guided by biblical teachings.

But the greatest of the three is church.

An America that’s not rooted in God is an America that will fall on government bloat. It’s impossible to have the “God-given” without the “God” at the helm.

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