Wednesday, September 8, 2021


“Frontline” on PBS is of the highest standards, except when it isn’t. This means that if the premises are correct, the reporting is insightful; however, sometimes, if the event being covered happened too recently, the focus is misplaced. A good example is “America after 9/11”, broadcast this week.

It showed the mismanaged planning of war in the Bush and Obama administrations. Then it questioned the bluster of former President Trump and his articulation of what the previous administrations had thought, but had not said. This gave those supporters of previous lies the hypocritical excuse to demonize Trump. Oddly enough, Trump was effective — because he knew how to get things done. This added another layer of contempt from previous powers that be. ‘November 3, 2020, a day which will live in infamy’ was their coup de gras.

The irony is that Trump avoided past mistakes, in contrast to those involved in previous failures, beginning with “weapons of mass destruction” to awarding Obama the Nobel Peace Prize and the abysmal aftermath. We will live with these failures as long as these little people continue to project them onto their enemies, be it Saddam Hussein, bin Laden, Trump and his supporters, or others.

Here is the takeaway: Lies have ruined America’s moral standing in the world and have become institutional domestic weapons. Trump was just a man pulling back the curtain, so China gave the elites an ice cream cone. The clock is ticking. It is humanity calling.


Grand Junction, Colo.

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