Monday, September 27, 2021


In its current state of mid-stumble, America is affirming that, indeed, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. U.S. enemies are blamed, but truth be told, the predicament is largely self-inflicted. In his upside-down manner of thinking, President Biden wears the nation’s newly deformed reputation as a badge of honor.

The president’s wince-worthy speech before the recent opening session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York bounced hyperbole off an incredulous gathering of world leaders. “I know this: As we look ahead, we will lead,” intoned Mr. Biden. “We will lead on all of the greatest challenges of our time, from COVID-19 to climate, peace and security, human dignity and human rights, but we will not go it alone.”

It is ill-mannered to chortle in the face of serious asseveration, and heads of state have a firm grip on esprit de corps. They could not, however, help noticing the juxtaposition of the president’s high-minded words, labeled “relentless diplomacy,” and the harebrained deeds that have precipitated his superpower face-plant.

“Go it alone” conduct is a libelous reference to President Trump’s policy of making U.S. interests paramount in governance. It was not Mr. Trump, though, but Mr. Biden, who unilaterally withdrew U.S. forces from Afghanistan without bothering to notify long-time NATO allies of his plans, leading to the most abrupt collapse of an objective in U.S. foreign-policy history.

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi reframed Mr. Biden’s point in blunter terms, telling the U.N. audience, “Today, the world doesn’t care about ‘America First’ or ‘America is back.’” Tehran’s newly elected hardliner displayed little interest in resurrecting a faulty Iran nuclear agreement meant to serve as the Biden centerpiece in a fantasized Middle East Pax Islamica.

Beyond his debacle abroad that has brought hundreds of thousands of unvetted Afghan refugees to American soil, the president has left the nation exposed to an immigration crisis along the southern U.S. border, another disaster of his own making.

An episode of border chaos has featured Mr. Biden accusing – falsely — U.S. Border Patrol agents on horseback of whipping Haitian immigrants as they scurried to escape after crossing the Rio Grande. He has vowed to punish those employees struggling to stem a human surge on course to top 2 million this year, but he offers no rational explanation for policies that have lured 30,000 Haitians to a squalid settlement on the Texas border. 

All the while, Americans watch helplessly as immigrants flood in from every continent, some spreading the dreaded coronavirus as they are whisked on White House orders into stunned communities across the country.

Mr. Biden is clearly presiding over a transition – or transformation, in the words of Barack Obama — from the prevailing nation-state model to a global governing system presaged by the U.N. Sadly, though, the consequence of a stumbling America portends not a united organization of nations, but a wobbly world.

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