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Wednesday, September 22, 2021


Democrats are pushing, pushing, pushing for the corporate world to take up the socialist agenda that, due to constitutional constraints, can’t be passed by legislation or executively ordered into regulation.

And lapdog executives are largely complying — mostly, because they’re soulless SOBs. 

Seriously. What kind of business owner forces employees to inject chemicals into their body — chemicals that haven’t been safety tested for the long-term, no less — as a condition of keeping job? What kind of business owner fires those employees who staunchly refuse to be Big Pharma’s guinea pig? Big Government’s compliant sheep?

It’s bad enough American workers these past months have been forced to wear stupid cloth facial coverings and play along with the lie that this halts the spread of a microscopic virus. You know, the kind of microscopic virus that up until the coronavirus and the politicization of science was generally recognized as too small to stop with a bundled-up T-shirt or loosely fitted mask thrown over the mouth and nose — you know, that kind?

It’s bad enough the feckless wonder in the White House believes what now he used to not believe — that a president can force American citizens to take the coronavirus vaccine — and is steadily turning the business world into the enforcement arm of the government.

It’s bad enough this bogus, drummed-up fright about a virus with a near 99% recovery rate has been used so successfully by the commies of the Democrat Party to exert massive crackdowns on individuals liberties, and for so massively long.

All that’s bad enough.

But thing is: the business world doesn’t have to comply.

Corporate executives, business owners, entrepreneurial venturers — they can tell the government to get bent if they wanted. They can put up a wall of resistance. They can put out a rebellious message that says, No Vaccine Mandates Here. They can force the government’s hand; they can flood the courts with complaints; they can take a stand and stand on a principle that puts the private market above the public service sector — that sets the second in humble servitude to the first, in proper position.

But by and large, they aren’t.

They’re bending to government’s will and doing government’s bidding and in so doing, they’re forcing free citizens to ceded constitutional rights as conditions of — well, as conditions of being able to feed themselves, shelter themselves, clothe themselves.

“Here’s Why Companies Aren’t Fighting Biden’s Employee Vaccine Mandate,” Time just wrote in a headline.

No need to read the article. The “why” is this: Because the business owners are wussy, soulless SOBs who care more about their own financial stakes than about the fate of America and the freedoms of America. 

They’re the nightmare of Founding Fathers.

They’ve lost their moral compass and as framers warned, only a nation of people with strong morals and solid virtues — as defined by the Creator, not humans — can preserve this limited government system.

One day, a reckoning will come.

One day, business owners will face the fire for their own reckless sell-out. 

It’s inevitable. Once the free market falls from its own immorality and unprincipled leadership, only those businesses run by government will stand. The rest will be gobbled. And that will be the end of capitalism as we know it.

Moral business owners understand the limits of their power stops with the personal medical decisions of their employees. And only moral business leadership will save America’s free markets from destruction.

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