Wednesday, September 15, 2021


Let me get this straight. From recent congressional hearings, we learn that President Biden‘s best defense for his decision to abandon Afghanistan to the Taliban is essentialy, ‘Trump made me do it.’ How pathetic. The next thing you know, he’ll blame the disaster on climate change. This is not “Profiles In Courage.”

Meanwhile, American citizens, U.S. green-card holders and Afghans who trusted and helped us remain stranded in Afghanistan at the mercy of the Taliban. They just have to understand that the principle “No one left behind” does not apply to them. That’s a matter of honor. The new Biden principle is this: “No one left behind unless it’s politically expedient for us to leave them behind.” They can only hope that Biden and his Secretary of State Anthony Blinken (who are still playing “May I” with the Taliban) will agree to pay the ransom demands to get them out. The full price will be high.

Surely history will record that Joe Biden was the best friend the Taliban ever had — andhe should be high on the list of our worst presidents.


Bethany Beach, Del.

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