We are living a nightmare. Our president is a 78-year-old man who was a unimpressive senator for decades, then an even more unimpressive vice president for two terms. Although he is apparently afflicted with dementia, he decided to run for president. His runningmate: a woman who was the mistress of a married big-city mayor. His son: a crack addict who was dishonorably discharged from the U.S. Navy for substance abuse.

Because of his father’s position, Communist China offered Hunter Biden the position of energy-firm board member, a position for which he was in no way qualified but was nevertheless paid thousands of dollars every month. Money was kicked backed to Joe Biden, whose sobriquet was “the big guy.”

Because of Joe Biden‘s severe cognitive decline, his campaign was held from his home basement and directed by anonymous handlers. In spite of these drawbacks, he won the election. There was much talk about election fraud, but in the end it did not matter.

Despite running on a moderate platform of bringing together a divided country, Joe Biden has been anything but. In his first 10 days as president, he issued an unprecedented 25 executive orders, dismantling virtually every one of his predecessor’s policies (many of which were successful).

Having a majority in the House and the Senate, Democrats are spending at an out-of-control rate. And Biden‘s open-borders policy is resulting in huge numbers of illegal aliens and drugs flooding the country.

The biggest debacle, however, has been Biden‘s abrupt, chaotic withdraw from Afghanistan, which left thousands of Americans and U.S. allies stranded in enemy territory. Thirteen military members were needlessly killed.

Add to that rampant inflation, emerging curricula in public schools that pits Black people against White people, cities defunding the police, urban riots, unchecked crime in many cities, millennials embracing socialism and an anti-Semitic ex-bartender emerging as the de-facto leader of the House, and you get a fuller picture of the Biden presidency.

Oh, how I miss those mean tweets from the Orange Man!



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