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Monday, May 24, 2021


Finally, a true armed insurrection inside the U.S. Capitol.

An unnamed armed insurgent operating inside the Capitol last week penned a letter on official U.S. Capitol Police letterhead demanding that elected members of Congress vote for a partisan “investigation” into the January 6 riot.

“It is inconceivable that some of the Members we protect, would downplay the events of January 6th,” the armed insurgent wrote to “Members of Congress” in the extraordinary letter.

In case the physical threat was not clear enough by the use of official letterhead from the U.S. Capitol Police — the only armed organization operating inside the U.S. Capitol — the armed insurgent made it crystal clear.

“Member safety was dependent upon the heroic actions of USCP. It is a privileged assumption for Members to have the point of view that ‘It wasn’t that bad.’ That privilege exists because the brave men and women of the USCP protected you, the Members.”

Got it?

Next time, you are on your own — if you do not go along with our partisan demands.

Any question about the partisan nature of the letter is erased by a direct attack on the Republican Congressional leaders.

“We the members of the United States Capitol Police write this letter to express our profound disappointment with the recent comments from both chambers’ minority leaders expressing no need for a January 6th commission,” the armed insurrectionist wrote.

Rep. Jamie Raskin, the Maryland Democrat who is among the greasiest politicians in Congress, greedily circulated the letter since it advanced his own personal, partisan political agenda. Mr. Raskin is a Harvard lawyer.

Leadership of the U.S. Capitol Police, however, wanted nothing to do with the greasy Mr. Raskin or the anonymous armed insurrectionist within their ranks. Despite the department letterhead, the letter was not an official statement by USCP, according to a spokesman.

“The U.S. Capitol Police does NOT take positions on legislation,” the statement said, in one of the most obvious assumptions in the history of electoral politics.

The USCP spokesman did not have to attend Harvard Law School to recognize a threat to the Constitution when he saw one. The department refused to even confirm if the letter had been authored by a Capitol Police officer.

But CNN reportedly interviewed the armed insurrectionist on the police force and claimed that the letter was written on behalf of “40 to 50 officers.”

In other words, according to this anonymous armed insurrectionist, there is a confederacy of some 40 armed insurrectionists working inside the Capitol to advance partisan legislation with barely-veiled threats to members of Congress, who — however odious they may be — have at least been elected by American citizens.

For months, partisan journalists have hyped the Jan. 6 riot into a full-blow “insurrection” that threatened to topple the United States government. These partisan hacks deploy loaded language at every turn, calling the rioters “armed” and describing the riot as “deadly.”

The rioters were “armed” because they carried flag poles bearing offensive flags — including the American flag. The riot was “deadly” because five people died — yet not a single person died at the hands of these supposedly “armed” rioters.

One unarmed woman was shot in the face by — presumably — a USCP officer. Four others died of natural causes — including one USCP officer who the media falsely claimed for months had been murdered by rioters with a fire extinguisher.

These partisan “reporters” are nothing better than political news pornographers — the modern Larry Flynts of journalism.

But now there is an actual “armed insurrection” going on inside the U.S. Capitol featuring insurgents carrying actual loaded guns. Suddenly, the partisan hacks in the media have fallen silent. Nothing to see here!

Where is the investigation into this armed insurgency? Why has the ringleader not been exposed? How is a person such as this allowed to wear a uniform and badge — and presumably carry a loaded weapon — inside the U.S. Capitol?

What about the 40 other armed officers who reportedly conspired with the ring leader to press a partisan agenda using barely-veiled threats of violence against elected members of Congress?

Perhaps the most terrifying part of this whole armed insurrection is the faceless nature of it. Armed insurgents are being protected by CNN and maybe even Mr. Raskin himself.

“Unfortunately, this letter comes to you anonymously because as U.S. Capitol Police Officers, we are expected to remain neutral and do our jobs with honor and integrity,” the armed insurgent wrote. “It’s unfortunate that our ‘bosses’ (Congress) are not held to the same standard that we, the USCP are.”

There is another difference between this armed officer and his “bosses” in Congress. Members of Congress are elected by the people to take political positions.

This dangerous lunatic is not. He should be disarmed, fired and thrown into jail.

• Charles Hurt is opinion editor of The Washington Times.

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