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Thursday, May 13, 2021


Welcome to the moral hazard presidency.

It really is amazing that the party of ambulance-chasing trial lawyers could be so oblivious to the crises, catastrophes and personal injuries they create with their own disastrous policies.

Mercenary terrorists operating from the safe haven of a foreign enemy attack America’s domestic fuel supply, and the Biden administration shrugs it off like some kind of private matter.

As Colonial Pipeline scrambled to get gasoline flowing again through the largest pipeline on the East Coast, obvious questions arose about whether the company should pay the ransom being demanded by the cyber-criminals who hacked into the pipeline.

Speaking on behalf of the administration, President Biden’s deputy national security adviser for cyber expressed ambivalence about paying the ransom.

“Colonial is a private company and we’ll defer information regarding their decision on paying ransom to them,” Anne Neuberger said, adding that it is a “private sector decision” and that “the administration has not offered further advice at this time.”



And now come reports that Colonial Pipeline took the Biden position to heart and — you guessed it — paid the criminals $5 million to get the keys to the pipeline back.

Um, do you think that might encourage or discourage future attacks on American pipelines?

Not that our enemies need to go to the trouble — Mr. Biden is more than happy to carry out their crippling plot for them. On his first day in office, Mr. Biden killed another U.S. pipeline.

The Biden administration’s disregard for moral hazard is everywhere.

New violence has erupted between Israel and Hamas terrorists hellbent on wiping Israel off the map. This comes as Mr. Biden and his hapless State Department scramble to whore themselves back into some kind of “nuclear deal” with Iran, the largest state sponsor of terrorism on the planet.

Do you think these theocratic neanderthals would be trying this if Donald Trump were still in the White House?

Closer to home on our own borders, illegals stream across every day since Mr. Biden scrapped every sensible policy Mr. Trump put into place that kept illegals from making the dangerous — and illegal — trek.

As a result of Mr. Biden’s active indifference, women are raped, children are catapulted over the wall, and men are enslaved. The only people Mr. Biden is “building back better” at the border are the human smugglers who make billions of dollars off the torture of men, women and children.

Speaking of slavery, the Biden administration happily promotes it here in America — and overseas!

Mr. Biden’s climate “czar” John Kerry — the only man in Washington dumber than Mr. Biden — blithely minimized human slavery during a congressional committee hearing this week.

When it comes to China building solar panels, Mr. Kerry acknowledged that slavery is “a problem.” He had specifically been asked about Chinese prison labor camps filled with persecuted religious minorities who are forced to build these solar panels Mr. Kerry loves so much.

“President Biden has made it very clear,” Mr. Kerry explained. “Climate is existential for everybody on the planet.”

So, you know, what is so bad about slavery — so long as it is in the name of solar panels!

Pressed specifically about the Biden administration’s avowed support for slavery of religious minorities in China, Mr. Kerry replied: “That’s not my lane. My lane is very specifically to try and get the Chinese to move [on] what we need to do with respect to climate itself.”

These people really are the most evil villains Washington has ever produced. They make the eternally ridiculous Jimmy Carter look like a brilliant statesman.

As usual, Mr. Trump summed it up best.

“I see that everybody is comparing Joe Biden to Jimmy Carter. It would seem to me that is very unfair to Jimmy Carter. Jimmy Carter mishandled crisis after crisis, but Joe Biden has CREATED crisis after crisis.”

If Barack Obama gave us Mr. Trump’s first term, Joe Biden is well on track to give us Mr. Trump’s second term.

• Charles Hurt is opinion editor of The Washington Times.

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