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Wednesday, March 24, 2021


Sen. John Kennedy, Louisiana Republican, blasted Democrats for having a “double standard” on guns that goes like this: “If a bad guy shoots a cop, it’s the gun’s problem; if a cop shoots a bad guy, it’s the cop’s fault,” he said.

Great point. The “double standard” goes even deeper, though. How about this one? If conservatives want to protect themselves, guns are evil. If Democrats want to protect themselves, they surround themselves with the best armed security — nay, even military — taxpayer money can buy,

No matter how you slice it, Democrats come up hypocritical.

“In my judgment,” Kennedy said, in a recent interview with Fox News reported by Breitbart, about the Boulder, Colorado, mass shooter and the Democrats’ subsequent calls for gun control, “we do not need more gun control. We need more idiot control.”

Another great point.

How come Democrats always want to take guns from the hands of law-abiding citizens, yet turn blind eyes on the causes, the real causes, the root causes, of gun violence?

It’s the fatherless homes. It’s the drug epidemic. It’s the mental health problem. It’s the tear-down of morals and erasure of traditional values. It’s the destruction of the family unit. It’s the purposeful political division of the nation into factions by race, by demographics, by poverty level, and the subsequent pitting of the factions against each other. It’s the removal of God from society. It’s the — well, it’s pretty much every agenda, policy, talking point and piece of legislation the liberal-leaning leftists usher into existence that ultimately leads to the tearing down of this country, which manifests, in one way, in violence and mayhem and shootings.

Everything Democrats touch, they destroy.

It’s hard to shoot the guy you pray with in church — or in school. 

But Democrats blame the guns.

Democrats have to blame the guns.

Democrats have to blame the guns because if they didn’t, they’d have to face the fact — they’d have to deal with the fact — that it’s their own failed policies and platforms and agendas that more often contribute to the causes of shootings in this country.

They’re the ones who want to remove God from the public stage; they’re the ones who fight prayer in schools and in government; they’re the ones who push hard for abortion and the right for recreational sex without accountability; they’re the ones who destroy family structures by mocking men as irrelevant and making it culturally acceptable to shack up, rather than marry for life; they’re the ones who normalize the mental illnesses of the transgender community so as to cause the youngest, the most vulnerable, to think sex is a choice that can be changed day-to-day; they’re the ones who stand by idly, even cheerfully, as whole segments of America’s populations take to the streets and smash windows and corral off whole blocks of cities as some sort of supposed righteous protest against racism and police.

They’re the ones who want to strip the Second Amendment from citizens who’ve done nothing but obey laws in their lives, all the while allowing thugs to arm themselves and shut down streets and establish no-go zones for cops and other law-abiding members of society.

“Now, if you drill down far enough, what you’re going to find — I don’t want to paint with too broad a brush — but many, not all, many of my Democratic colleagues — they just don’t believe in the Second Amendment,” Kennedy said. “They just don’t. I mean, we have heard it in terms of police officers. I mean, basically, the Democratic position is that if a bad guy shoots a cop, it’s the gun’s problem. If a cop shoots a bad guy, it’s the cop’s fault. You know, if it weren’t for double standards here, we wouldn’t have any standards at all.”

Democrats, with a power hold on all the major offices on Capitol Hill, are coming for the guns.

But not all the guns — only the ones legally owned by law-abiding citizens. The thugs and criminals and drug dealers and gang members can keep theirs; Democrats have no solutions to strip these criminal types of their illegally possessed weapons, so they get to keep them. They get to keep ‘em all.

Yet another double standard, it seems.

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