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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Hillary Clinton and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene sparred Wednesday on social media as the former presidential hopeful found herself among Democrats calling the Georgia Republican unfit for Congress.

Mrs. Clinton started the Twitter spat by sharing a news report about how Ms. Greene had previously endorsed killing several prominent Democrats, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California.

“This woman should be on a watch list. Not in Congress,” Mrs. Clintonsaid on Twitter.

“Actually, @HillaryClinton, you should be in jail. #LockHerUp,” Ms. Greeneresponded. The congresswoman’s tweet also included a short clip of former President Trump suggesting something similar.

Mrs. Clinton offered no immediate public reaction.

Calls for Ms. Greene to face consequences on Capitol Hill have emerged amid a flurry of revelations that came to light this week, less than a month since her career in Congress started.

Ms. Greene was known for promoting the delusional QAnon conspiracy theory movement before voters elected her in November to represent Georgia’s 14th Congressional District. She was sworn-in Jan. 3.

CNN first reported Tuesday that Ms. Greene had previously “liked” a number of postings that were made on the social media service Facebook about executing some of her future Democratic colleagues.

In one of several Facebook postings cited by CNN, Ms. Greene had “liked” a comment another user had made about killing Mrs. Pelosi with a “bullet to the head.”

“She’s a traitor to our country, she’s guilty of treason,” Ms. Greene said about Mrs. Pelosi in a video she posted to Facebook in 2019. “It’s a crime punishable by death, is what treason is.”

A spokesperson for House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, California Republican, said in a statement issued shortly after the CNN report was published that he would speak with the congresswoman.

“These comments are deeply disturbing and Leader McCarthy plans to have a conversation with the Congresswoman about them,” Mark Bednar said in a statement first reported by Axios.

Mrs. Clinton was hardly the only Democrat calling Mrs. Greene unfit for Congress.

“Your conduct does not reflect creditably on the House, and you should resign,” Rep. Don Beyer of Virginia told Ms. Greene on Twitter.

Responding to an email from The Washington Times, a communications director for Ms. Greene questioned if any of the people complaining about the congresswoman’s remarks include her constituents.

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